2018 GET Show

Nov 6, 2020 | Company News

TOP DANCE participated in the 2018 GET SHOW just like what we did everywhere. We insist to take part in the lighting show every year to get to know the latest demands of customers so that we can develop the functions of our product, to provide customer a better purchasing experience and make our products cost effective.

Each exhibition, we only showed led dance floor. We present our new technology and innovation. We introduce the new idea of the products. Because we are specialized in this fields. Then we determine to make all our efforts to make it the best.

In 2018 Guangzhou show, we showed Wireless Pixel Floors, Wireless 3D Magnet Floor, Magnet DMX Starlit RGB Floor, which contains the effort of our R&D team. These new products support with advanced technology, present various of amazing effects and better installation method. Customers were amazing with our magnetic connections dance floor.

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