360 Photo Booth for Sale

Illuminate your events and captivate your audience with TOP DANCE’s state-of-the-art 360 Photo Booths. Provide seamless and efficient experience for event planners and an immersive, memorable experience for guests.

1. What Is 360 Photo Booth?

The 360 Photo Booth, also known as 360 video booth or 360 booth, is an innovative device that captures a 360-degree view around a person or group, creating dynamic and interactive videos. It’s a pedestal for guests to stand on, surrounded by a camera that orbits around them, recording from all angles to create a captivating, multi-dimensional visual experience.

2. Why You Need a 360 Photo Booth for Your Event?

The 360 photo booth has rapidly become a sought-after feature for all kinds of events, offering a unique and memorable way to capture photos and videos that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

This engaging addition not only enhances the overall experience of your event by providing an element of distinctive fun for receptions or specific segments, but it also ensures that your occasion stands out as an unforgettable highlight for all who attend.

2.1. Engaging and Interactive Fun

The 360 Photo Booth, also known as 360 selfie booth event or 360 events photo booth, offers a lively, interactive experience, turning guests into participants of the entertainment and capturing memories in motion, surpassing the static nature of traditional photos.

2.2 Shareable Content that Spreads Your Reach

360 Photo Booth produces instantly shareable content, encouraging guests to post their immersive videos online. This natural promotion can amplify your event’s visibility and may even spark a viral trend.

2.3 Unique Brand Activation

Each video from the booth can be branded, transforming moments into marketing opportunities with your logo or message, effectively broadening your event’s impact.

2.4 Competitive Edge for Event Planners

Providing a 360 Photo Booth showcases your cutting-edge approach and can be a key differentiator for clients seeking standout events, all while being a lucrative investment with its potential for premium pricing and repeat bookings.

3. What Kind of 360 Photo Booths for Selection?

360 photo booths come in a variety of styles, including the traditional disk type and the immersive 3D camera photo booth, as well as convenient portable photo booth and comprehensive overhead photo booth.

3.1 What’s the Difference of the Various Types of Photo Booth?

These photo booth varieties cater to diverse events and needs. They’re compatible with various devices like smartphones, cameras, and tablets, making them versatile for different activities.

The Installation method varies. The ordinary 360 photo booths are typically monochrome, while 3D 360 photo booth models feature LED-enabled RGB color changes and 3D infinite effects. Both rotate around a central pole for filming. Portable photo booths, on the other hand, offer fixed-direction shooting, whereas overhead booths are mounted on a bracket, enabling 360-degree rotation for a comprehensive capture experience.

Photo Booth Type

Ordinary 360 Photo Booth

3D 360 Photo Booth

Portable Photo Booth

Overhead Photo Booth


Solid color, versatile device compatibility, Custom LOGO on it

LED lighting, RGB color changes, 3D effects, Custom LOGO on it

Easy transport, fixed orientation shooting

Overhead mounting for expansive shots

Installation Mode

Standard setup with support pole

Similar to ordinary disk, enhanced visuals

Portable, quick setup

Installed on overhead bracket

Visual Style

Monochrome, simple aesthetic

Colorful, dynamic with LEDs and 3D effects

Varies, typically more simplistic

Varies, comprehensive view

Rotation Mechanism

Rotation around central disc

Rotation around central disc

Fixed direction shooting

360-degree rotation overhead

Ideal Use

General events, classic style preference

Dynamic, visually engaging events

Events needing mobility and quick setup

Large-scale events, complete view desired

4. What Are the Advantages of TOP DANCE 360 Photo Booth?

4.1 Substantial Load Capacity

Our one-meter diameter 360 Photo Booth comfortably fits 4-6 guests simultaneously. Its robust construction enhances safety, significantly reducing risks associated with jumping or collisions, thereby ensuring a secure experience for all users.

Great Load Capacity

4.2 Personalized Customization Options

We provide a bespoke logo customization service. Your personal or corporate logo can be prominently displayed on the base plate, enhancing brand visibility and personalizing the experience.

Customization Service

4.3 Effortless Operation

The booth features an easy-to-use control system, allowing effortless adjustments of rotation speed and lighting effects via a remote control. This flexibility caters to a wide range of photographic and videographic preferences, showcasing guests’ attire and poses to their best advantage.

Easy to Control

4.4 Enhanced Safety Features

Our advanced structural design not only ensures superior load-bearing capacity but also utilizes high-quality materials for longevity and durability. This guarantees a safe and reliable experience for all users.

4.5 Compatible with Multiple Devices

The booth supports a variety of connection methods, accommodating smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and more. This versatility allows for optimal image quality in various environments and situations.


4.6 User-Friendly Design

Designed for simplicity, our 360 Photo Booth is incredibly easy to install and operate. Its user-centric design includes remote control for straightforward operation, making it accessible for everyone.

4.7 Unforgettable Photography Experience

Capture engaging photos and videos that leave a lasting impression. The content created is not only fun but also has the potential to be a sensation on social media, standing out for its uniqueness and vibrancy.

4.8 Complete 360-Degree Capture

The automatic 360-degree rotation of the booth ensures that every angle is covered, capturing stylish poses and outfits in their entirety. It adds an element of excitement to any event, serving as a dynamic photography station from the moment guests arrive.

5. What’s the Application Field of 360 Photo Booth?

Perfect for weddings, corporate functions, parties, and beyond, the 360 Photo Booth boasts broad appeal for any type of gathering.


6. Packing of 360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth will be packed by the high-quality, durable flight to protect the booth components during transit. This includes shock-absorbent foam and sturdy, impact-resistant containers.


7. Why Choose 360 Photo Booth from TOP DANCE?

Choosing a 360 Photo Booth from TOP DANCE means opting for an experience that combines innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Here’s why TOP DANCE stands out as the preferred choice:

Dedicated Customer Support:

TOP DANCE’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our responsive and professional support, ensuring seamless communication and addressing any concerns promptly.

Competitive Pricing

TOP DACNE offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring value for your investment.

Safety and Durability

Safety is paramount in our design process, with booths built for stability and durability, reducing risks and increasing longevity.