Can We Customize Different Style Led Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Company News

With the development of entertainment and event industry, LED dance floor is  used more widely. Now, not only large stage or exhibition, but also many small venues or individual parties and events can use LED dance floor to make the activity more attractive and more brilliant. LED dance floor generally has many sizes and styles to choose from. Customizable sizes can get rid of the limitation of venue size, and various styles can adapt to different theme and styles to meet the needs of customers.


TOP DANCE customized services are divided into several aspects:

Product size:

The size of LED dance floor panel is 50cm x 50cm. They can be spliced to fit the size of various venues according to the needs of customers.


Size options: 

7x7ft,10x10ft ,12x12ft,14x14ft,14x16ft,16x16ft,16x20ft,18x18ft,20x20ft,22x22ft,24x24ft,26x26ft,28x28ft,30x30ft,32x32ft are available. Of course, we also welcome customers to customize more panels of different sizes.


Panel style:

TOP DANCE provides LED dance floor of different styles, including different panel patterns and panel shapes. For example, the TP-879 and TP-871 panels have special design patterns, while the TP-872 panels are polygonal. TP-877 panel can be provided with mirror or frosted style. The panel of TP-873 is available in black or white. Some look like 3D abyss effect, others like dots. A variety of styles can be used in different places.


Style of effect:

TOP DANCE LED dance floor has various effects, including 30 kinds of starlit effects, 7 kinds of solid colors, Mix RGB effects, pattern effects, and words typing effects. Not only the effect is various and colorful, but also the display of speed and brightness can be adjusted. The pattern and typing effect can be designed according to personal preferences. The pattern design is diversified. You can design heart shape, Christmas tree patterns, star patterns, etc. to enrich the visual effect. The typing effect can easily present the theme and create a small surprise for the party. You can design the theme name, such as Dance Party, Magic Show, Street Dance Competition, and present some blessings, such as Happy birthday! Happy New Year!  Merry Christmas!  etc. You can even present some small surprises, such as Happy birthday to XX! Or XX, will you marry me! etc.

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