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Event and entertainment industry in the USA is growing faster and faster. At about 80% clients want to get a dance floor in local. The old entertainment equipment like wired dance floor, mono, big and heavy dance floor need to update. As the only Led dance floor manufacturer in LDI show, CEO Sandy Guan of TOP DANCE determined to solve the difficult import problems for American customers. After rapid and detailed marketing research, we are excited to announce that we have set up two warehouse in the United States (Los Angeles and Las Vegas)!

With the innovation and upgrading of our Led dance floors, they are increasingly favored by customers around the world. Among them, we have the best performance in the American market, and our Led dance floors occupies half of the American market. With the increase of customer groups and orders, we deeply felt the love of American customers for our products. Our products can be found in many events venue, such as wedding, dj events, various parties, exhibitions, and performance stages. Our products are becoming more and more popular in the American market, and even have reached cooperation with famous enterprises of Twitter and Google. We have also received more and more suggestions from customers, hoping that we can have our own warehouse in the United States.

TOP DANCE always aims to provide better services to customers. Therefore, we always take customer’s suggestion into consideration. In order to provide customers with a better purchase experience, finally, we made a decision to establish our own warehouse in the United States. We have set up warehouses in Las Vegas and Los Angeles respectively.

We are always ambitious in this industry and determined to make continuous progress. Now, we have more than 10 production lines, more than 50 professional employees, industry-leading product core technology, advanced and efficient production technology, and sufficient inventory. Moreover, we have the largest 1500sqm professional testing area in the industry, with strict testing process to ensure product quality. We have enough confidence to provide customers with satisfactory and considerate services, so that customers can have a cost-effective purchasing experience.

We will regularly transport our products to warehouses in the United States, and also publish information on the website to inform customers of our inventory. Customers can place orders with us directly, and we will deliver goods at the fastest speed. Similarly, customers can pick up goods directly from the warehouse. For new customers who know our products and want to experience our products before ordering, we’re welcome your visit.

Why is the warehouse beneficial to customers?

●It can provide a more satisfactory and convenient purchasing experience for buyers, customers can directly visit the warehouse and experience and check the quality of products.

●No sea freight! It is benefit to choose the best and fastest delivery method and improve the delivery speed of goods without bearing the shipping costs and the lengthy delivery time. Customers can even pick up goods directly from the warehouse.

●No paperwork! It greatly reduce the number of complicated and annoying documents to be filled in, making it easier and faster.

●NO tariff! To help customers to save more cost.

Now you can avoid all the annoying problems:

●No idea how to buy a dance floor

●No idea how to import the dance floor from China by sea

●Complicated process of import affairs

●Wait for long time to get the Led dance floor

This is a great news for all the local customers, more convenient to get a new magnetic Led dance floor. Now you just need pay and drive to the LA warehouse to pick up the goods! Even go to showroom to check the magnetic infinity led dance floor and pixel dance floor first.

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