First factory to work out easy IPad control system for led dance floor in Guangzhou

Jun 6, 2020 | Company News

IPad control system is a new control method of TOP Dance Magnet Digital Dance Floor. It provides a better and easier control operation fo customers and allows customers to change the effects, type the name of the bride and groom on the floor at any time during the parties.

Meeting what customer needs is always the direction of our development. At last year’s exhibition, new and regular customers said that they want to type words on the floor at the party easily. Our sales team members collected this idea and made a suggestion to the R&D team to see if they can develop a product with a much easier control method. After nearly a year of research, development and testing, TOP Dance finally completed the dance floor with the Ipad Control system.

Let’s take a look at this Led dance floor with Ipad control system that first developed by the factory in Guangzhou.

The method of using Ipad control is very simple. Just connect the router with the controller, turn on the Ipad, connect to the specific wifi, and then the IPad and the whole set of floor tiles are successfully connected.

Opening our control software on the iPad desktop, you can create freely. To choose the favorite effects and type your name on the floor!

In the past, If the customers wanted specific effects, they needed to contact with after-sales team of TOP Dance. After telling the after-sales staff the desired effect, the staff will send the effect to the customer, and the customer will copy it to the SD card and then put it in the controller, which is an annoying and time-consuming process.

Now, as long as the IPAD is turned on, customers can quickly select the desired effect by themselves! This new feature is amazing to our regular customers.


At the same time, we would like to thank our customers for making such a good suggestion to us, which help our factory to continuously improve the technology of Led dance floor. If you have any new ideas about our floor tiles or want to get more information about the Ipad control system, welcome to contact us.



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