Flexible Splicing Pixel Floor: Can I Do a Black and White Dance Floor Design?

Jul 10, 2023 | Product Guides

As one of the most popular models of TOPDANCE, the TP-M878 pixel floor has been welcomed by customers from around the world. Not only does it showcase stunning visual effects, but it also offers convenient and flexible installation methods. With a modern and trendy design, its extremely flexible splicing method allows the entire venue to exude a different kind of beauty under the ever-changing and surprising lighting effects, making it the visual centerpiece of the entire space.

This article will unveil the marvelous splicing methods of pixel floors, allowing you to experience the creativity of TOP DANCE LED dance floor splicing. It will open up new ideas for your dance floor splicing, injecting fresh inspiration into your event planning and venue design. With the mesmerizing dance floor lighting, your event will ignite the entire space, whether it’s a romantic and charming couple’s dance, an energetic live band performance, or a fashionable and cool runway show. The versatile splicing modes will broaden your thinking and spark boundless inspiration.

Can Pixel Floors Achieve Flexible Splicing Methods?

In response to the whole question, the answer is affirmative. TOP DANCE can provide the splicing methods you need, and our technology makes flexible splicing possible. Our pixel floors are designed to be joined together using magnets. What’s great about this splicing method is that it saves time and allows for more freedom in the splicing patterns. You can turn your inspiration into reality.

Our technical team has conducted in-depth research on the splicing methods of LED dance floors. In order to create dance floors that alleviate installation pressure for our clients, we have invested significant manpower and resources into profound research. Considering that LED dance floors are used for events, we have made every effort to minimize the installation time. Whether it’s a magnetic dance floor or a battery magnetic dance floor, our technology is at the forefront of the industry, leading the way.

What Kind of Flexible Splicing Methods Can Be Achieved with Top Dance’s Pixel Floor?

Firstly, TOP Dance’s pixel floor allows for highly flexible splicing methods, both in terms of colors and shapes. Please continue reading the following paragraphs to seize more innovative splicing modes that will make your event truly spectacular through the unique splicing capabilities of the pixel floors.

Black and White Color Splicing Pixel Floor
The TP-M878 pixel floor offers two color options for the dance floor panels: black and white. Customers can choose the color that best suits their event theme and content, based on the actual event setting. As an LED dance floor, it can be illuminated by powering it on, presenting a variety of dance floor colors.

The alternating black and white splicing dance floor panels create a grand and charming ambiance for the entire stage. Black and white are the most basic and classic colors, and when combined, they form the classic and popular chessboard dance floor. This type of splicing led floor tiles are often seen at weddings or more formal occasions. Now, with our pixel floor, we can achieve the same effect. Moreover, as an LED dance floor, it breaks free from traditional limitations. It can be illuminated and showcase different colors, instantly capturing people’s attention and elevating the overall level of the dance floor. This splicing pattern adds a touch of sophistication to the entire venue.

At the same time, if you purchase dance floor panels in both black and white colors, you can achieve three different uses, covering a wider range of needs. If you are an event or dance floor rental company, purchasing both black and white dance floor panels allows you to create three splicing options: an all-black floor, an all-white floor, or a black and white alternating pattern.

For more vibrant and exciting events such as dance parties, graduation parties, or DJ events, you can opt for the black dance floor panels. For relatively elegant events like weddings, ceremonial celebrations, gala events, or ballroom dances, the white dance floor panels are a suitable choice.

If you want the panels to showcase the design even when not illuminated, adding a sense of grandeur and depth to the venue layout, you can choose to splice the black and white panels together. This will create a profound visual impact as soon as guests step into the event venue, instantly impressing them with your event design and leaving a lasting impression.

Pixel Floor Splicing in Different Shapes

In addition to freely splicing colors, the shape presentation of the entire pixel dance floor can also be achieved with flexible splicing. It can be arranged in a long pathway shape, as well as square or rectangular shapes. The size of the dance floor can be flexibly adjusted based on the dimensions of the event venue and the number of guests.

Flexible dance floor shape splicing offers more creativity for event settings and provides better versatility for various types of events. For example, a pathway-shaped dance floor is more suitable for runway fashion shows. Square and rectangular dance floor shapes can accommodate a larger number of people and create a more focused visual focal point for events. This allows more people to feel involved and highlights specific elements of the event.

TOP DANCE’s dance floor offers you flexible splicing options, bringing more possibilities to your events. It allows you to achieve a greater variety of event design inspirations and on-site layout arrangements, creating an exclusive dance floor style for the event rental industry. This enables your event rental business to quickly surpass others in the field and outshine competitors.

Why Choose TOP DANCE?

TOP DANCE provides a wide range of LED dance floors with multiple options for panel colors. With captivating dance floor effects and customized services for effects and sizes, you can experience the cutting-edge technology in the dance floor industry. Choosing TOP DANCE, choosing the most trustworthy and hassle-free service in the LED dance floor industry.

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