For a Creative Graduation Party, You Need a Set of LED Dance Floor!

Feb 1, 2023 | Industry News

Want to create a remarkable and unique graduation party? Don’t worry about it now! This cooperation case may be a good reference for you. The graduation party was held in a banquet hall in California. This set of 20x20ft LED dance floor lit up the whole venue. The bright and saturated color and brightness highlighted the enthusiasm and vitality of young graduates. Once you enter the banquet hall, you can feel that the graduation party is full of energy. The cold sparkle machine and love letter placed in the center of the venue also added more visual effects to the event.

The coming of graduation season is the most exciting time for graduates. After a tense exam, graduates usually hold or attend graduation parties to relieve their pressure and enjoy a relaxing time. How to prepare for the graduation party? What will people do at the graduation party? How to make the graduation party special? These problems have become the prime problems for graduates or party organizers to solve. They will continue to search for the best graduation party ideas and make the most adequate preparation for this important ceremony. A customer from California chose Top Dance’s LED dance floor to create his unique graduation party.

This customer wants to create a graduation party full of youthful vitality and continue the passion of his student days. After learning about the LED dance floor, he decided to buy a set for himself, which can be used not only for the graduation party that has been prepared for a long time, but also for future holiday parties. Finally, he chose the TP-877 LED dance floor of Top Dance. When you click on the product page, you are attracted by the fashionable design of the panel. The panel effect of the 3D abyss is very cool, which is in line with the style of his party layout. A variety of colors are very dynamic, allowing all the pressure of the student era to be released in the dance of the graduation party. According to the size of the venue and the number of guests, the customer bought a 20×20 ft size.

This TP-877 LED dance floor has a cool panel design that presents with and 3D infinity effect, which can easily create the visual focus of the venue. Various effects, including starlit effect, solid colors, mixed RGB effect, color change according to the style of the venue, and effect change according to the activity content. What is more attractive to customers is the installation method of this LED dance floor. Because it is a private party, the layout of the venue needs to be completed by several people. This LED dance floor has a magnet system, which solves customers’ concerns about the installation problem. There is no complicated and time-consuming wire connection, and one second connection can be achieved between the panels. Even one person can complete the installation in a short time, without spending a lot of time to arrange in advance. Similarly, the control mode is also very simple, DMX, computer and remote control are available. The customer was surprised that the dance floor could be simply controlled by remote control. He thought it was very convenient and could switch effects easily. There was no need to arrange extra people to switch effects, and he could better participate in the party.

The picture shows the Mix RGB effect of TP-877. The amazing brightness and extremely saturated color make the scene layout full of vitality. The interlaced installation of frosted panels and mirror panels also makes a layered vision. This set of panels can present a total of 7 colors, red, green, blue, white, pink, purple and yellow. You can use the remote control to make the display effect present a solid color, or you can display a mixed gradient color like the picture. In addition, its starlit effect is also very wonderful, and it is easy to create a dreamy scenes. Through remote control, you can switch effects, and even change the speed, increase or decrease brightness, and set the strobe effect.

In addition to the graduation party, TP-877 LED dance floor can also be widely used in other activities, such as weddings, birthday parties, proms, dance parties, banquets, anniversary celebrations and other activities, and can also be used in exhibitions, and the stage of shopping malls can be used to attract attention; For many occasions, such as nightclubs, bars and clubs, many shopkeepers are willing to purchase and install a set of LED dance floor for their stores, and think it is a very valuable investment.

In addition to LED floor tiles, the customer also place an order of a customized love letter. He wants to place eye-catching decorations in the center of the venue, not only to let people know the theme of the event when entering the venue, but also to make the whole venue look magnificent and increase the sense of visual experience. He thought the love letter was the best choice. The capital GRAD 2021 allows guests to see the theme of the graduation party at the first glance. The font is matched with brightness and changing colors, so that the decoration of the venue will be lavish and not monotonous. At the same time, these huge love letters can also become the best background for group photographing, leaving the guests unforgettable memories. In order to add some small surprises to the event and enhance the atmosphere of the party, the customer ordered two additional cold sparkle machines, which were used at the beginning, the important parts and the end of the event. The dazzling effect and the amazing spray height made the guests feel the energy party atmosphere, and the atmosphere of the event improved instantly.

The client’s graduation party ended successfully. His friends enjoyed the time of dancing on the LED dance floor and took a group photo in front of the giant GRAD2021 love letter for remembering the amazing night.

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