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As the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic gets better, the entertainment industry has developed more rapidly, and the holding of more events and parties has also returned to the previous booming state. People are more willing to pursue for entertainment equipment that with more unique personality to show the uniqueness and originality of parties and activities. They hope to create a different effect from the past events, and also hope that their own parties and events will stand out in many events. Therefore, the past entertainment products will be replaced by more fashionable and interesting equipment. More and more party enthusiasts and event rental company choose more products that are more eye-catching, more interesting, and able to add atmosphere to parties or events. As a result, the market’s requirements for the products of rental business for events are increasing, as are the technical requirements for entertainment product manufacturers. More gorgeous effect and unique experience are the demands of these party lovers or event planners.


When preparing events and parties, it is always asked by many party lovers and event holders that What are the steps to planning a party? How to throw a good party? How to throw a successful party by keeping it simple? How to throw an unforgettable party? How to create a successful client appreciation party? How to set up an event? How to make an event memorable? The desire of them is to prepare the party easily, achieve some aims and leave a deep impression and remarkable memory for the guests.


In addition to delicious food, drinks and alcohols, the party also needs some special atmosphere manufacturing products to show the high-end taste of the host and highlight the unique of the party. Now, TOP DANCE is excited to announce that we have launched entertainment products suitable for various occasions to solve their problems for all event rental companies and party lovers, and bring complete combination packages of products that can make the party or events  fabulous for customers. If you are looking for the best, you are in the right place. It will definitely impress your guests. Let your party shine and amazing!

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Magnet 3D Mirror & Matt Led Dance Floor

The Led dance floor of the two panels is mixed to create a richer and more three-dimensional visual effect.

Fast Installation: The dance floor is adopted with magnetic system that make it possible for one piece installation in only one second. All the installation can be completed in only 8 minutes!

Good Load-bearing Performance: The bearing capacity of it is 500-600kg which is of a high level.

It’s not a problem to contain many people at one time or even a car.

Creative Effects: The LED dance floor is lit by mix RGB effects, solid colors, starlit effects,3D infinity effect etc. Bring your party to life with cool light shows right beneath your feet.

Creative Effects: The LED dance floor is lit by mix RGB effects, 7 solid colors, 30 kinds of starlit effects and the popular and stunning 3D infinity effect etc. It contains 64 lamp beads which can better promise the brightness of the effect. Bring your party to life with cool light shows right beneath your feet.

Multiple Control Methods: The dance floor supports three different types of control mode, including the remote control, DMX control and computer control, to make it more convenient in switching the effect.


Led Screen

Vivid and Clear Visual Effect: The high resolution of it presents better image quality on the screen, allowing you to enjoy an immersive and lifelike viewing experience. Enables you to enjoy better quality images.The high refresh rate of 1920Hz and high contrast ratio offers comfortable viewing without scan lines and present an outstanding display. Intelligent brightness and chroma correction, 160°wide viewing angle and quick response to dynamic pictures, contribute to the excellent presentation.

Efficient and Flexible Installation: Wall installation, cabinet installation, bracket installation and truss hanging set-up are available, making it adaptable to rental business and various venues .

Professional Design: It adopt high-quality LED with the working life hours that can last for 50000 hours, and to provide a more stable and reliable Led screen display. And make it an wise choice for long-term use. Thickness less than 80mm, 12 kg (500*1000) / 8kg (500*500) per set, light as cicada’s wing,


LOVE Letters  

TOP DANCE provides giant lighting led letters and numbers for different indoor and outdoor weddings, marriage proposal, engagement ceremony, birthday celebration and various kinds of events and parties. It has aesthetic appearance, easy operation method. We provide all numbers and letters for easy combination. What’s more, this led is energy saving, and better in attracting the first glance at the party. They are very popular in a series of activities, because they create an eye-catching, stunning, fantastic scene in all venue, and form an amazing background in photographs.

Material: The love letters are made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic, which is smoothness, durability and impact resistance.

Size: 3FT/4FT 5FT that suitable for various kinds of venue

Effects: It can present mix colors effects and control by remote. The Led source can promise a high brightness and 5000 hours long service life as well. Also, it is energy saving.

Control Method: Remote control, which is convenient to change colors effects.



This uplight is very convenient and wireless, reducing the trouble of installation. A variety of colors can be changed to better adapt to various occasions and activities, create an atmosphere of activities and create an attractive atmosphere

Advanced control system: Support remote control and mobile phone control, more convenient control mode. Multiple colors for choosing, to present a unique and amazing scene for the guests. It can not only change the color and speed but also change different mode. It can easy to switch the color effect as you want, and let the party/activity atmosphere switch freely.

Better design: Connecting by WiFi signal, which can provide a better and stable connection when using it. It is energy saving. Even after a long lasting events, less power consuming.

Easier Installation: Advanced Wireless installation method, set up in any place you want. It can be easily move.


Cold Sparkle Machine

To experience the breathe taking sparkle display. This cold sparkle machine is safe to touch and will not cause any harm to the venue. Control the output for optimal timing. Put it into your event production, and you will get amazing performances!

Types: Three types are available for selection, hanging cold sparkle machine, moving head cold sparkle machine and the vertical type cold sparkle machine. To make it better applicable to various occasions and events.

Fast Heat: Spark in only 4 minutes, no need to wait for a long time.

Control Method: Remote control, make it much more convenient to control the output of the sparkle.

Safety: The effect also produces virtually no smoke, and leaves no foul odor in the air, which is much safer and healthier to use, making this a great effect for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, the sparkle is save to touch. It would not get anybody hurt at the scene.

Application Fields: It is applicable to many occasions, including dj events, concerts, various types of shows, weddings, etc.


360 Photo Booth

This 360 photo booth is a machine to take videos automatically in events, like party, wedding and celebrating. It is very popular among the trendsetters and photographers, and is also a fashion trend. It sure to make your party stand out among various parties. It will make every guest full of interest and make your party novel, interesting and popular. And it will better show the venue and atmosphere of the event, giving you a stunning and impressive video record.

360 degree rotation: It can rotating in 360 degree. And the camera bracket can swing up and down 90 degree, promising a omnidirectional and no dead angle photography.

Control Method: Remote control, which is convenient to control its direction and the speed.

Multiple Device: Support multiple methods, including digital camera, SLR, mobile phone and tablet.

Size: Three sizes (110cm/100cm/80cm) are available, which can be selected according to the number of guests

Load-bearing: It can carry up to 6 people and the maximum weight can reach 300kg.

Custom logo: Considering the commercial use of photo booth after customer purchases it, we can provide with logo customs for commercial logo.Logo will display on the platform. To make it unique and full of personalized .

LED Lights: To make it more attractive and eye-catching in events, we also set RGB led light strip to bring colorful visual effect.


Dry Ice Machine

This dry ice machine can create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere for your parties, stages, weddings and various events. It is very compact in size and firm in structure, therefore, you can hide it anywhere easily on the stage without any trouble of hiding it. With high technology, the machine all have stable performance, when the CO2 spray, there is no ice residue, which is safe to use in public.

Machine Size: 46*43*44 cm, the compact in size and delicate appearance make it is easy to carry and to hide on the stage.

Material: Stainless steel basket, no deformation, more durable

Adjustable Output: The output can be adjusted, which is convenient for the needs of various stages or activity effects, and also saves manpower for adjustment.


Led Co2 gun

It is a great party tool and also a popular trend on stage or in clubs. It is also suitable for indoor or outdoor use, perfect for clubs, festivals, shows and sporting events, various concerts, weddings, bars, parties, opening celebrations and DISCO and other entertainment venues.

Perfect appearance: Simple and cool appearance, super attractive and eye-catching at parties and events.

Professional design: It can be adjusted according to different colors and is easy to carry and operate. It has a color changing tube which changes from red, green, yellow, pink, white and blue while is shooting out the CO2 Gas Party Special Effect.



Confetti Machine

The Confetti Machine is used in various of large-scale events and parties, such as music festivals, concerts, bars, opening and closing ceremony for large events, wedding celebrations, stage performances, etc. It is easy to opera and even a single person can set up and operate it. It makes the atmosphere of the scene reach a climax and cause breathe taking effects for the guests.

Operation: It can be directly use after putting in confetti.

Adjustable Angle: It can arbitrarily change the spray Angle, suitable for a variety of occasions.

Control method: No need to plug in for control. Manual control or DMX control are available which are more convenient.

Effects: It can instantly send colored paper to the audience or guests with far jet distance and large coverage. This newly added carbon dioxide effect can be used to cool off guests or create amazing visual effects.

Types: Three types are available for selection, BIG Co2 Confetti Machine, Floating Paper Machine and4 Head Confetti Launcher. To make it better applicable to various occasions and events.


Led Furniture 

In order to create a more brilliant and colorful scene of a party or events with better and attractive atmosphere, we need to set up some LED furniture. It can not only make the scene more eye-catching, but also make your party unique and awesome with this special and colorful brightness of the furniture.

Color and shapes: It provides RGB colors and various shape to suit different application fields. Eye-caring LED makes uniform soft color light that doesn’t hurt eyes. Moreover, the matte surface makes the furniture more comfortable to sit.

Load-bearing: It is of great load-bearing which is up to 120 kg, which allow more people to sit on.

Directly charging: It has a very convenient charging function. It can be used for ten hours after four hours of charging.

Effects and application fields: It can be used as a chair or table indoors and outdoors. The colorful LED lighting can make guests no longer bored. Guests can enjoy the charming atmosphere, perfect for club, bar, party, wedding, etc.

Control method: 5 brightness adjustments and 4 dynamic lighting modes(FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE) that can be switching by the remote control.


Beam light

Beam lamps are widely used in various types of parties, shows, exhibitions, bars, nightclubs, stage lighting, various types of activities, and so on. A variety of colors that present high brightness and with long working hours and can be selected to better adapt to the needs of the site and create a better atmosphere for various needs. DMX remote control mode is more convenient for control, and switching effect is required with the change of music and scene.



We have gone beyond everything to find the most beautiful clothes for your special event.The special effects and realistic robots make your party an unforgettable time. It is very suitable for making surprise at the party. Let this mysterious and interesting guest make your party lively.


DMX console

DMX Consoles are the brains of the operation. It is from them that the control signal is sent to the receiving device. Therefore, all kinds of parties and activities need a good DMX console to maintain a stable signal system and control induction. Customers need a better DMX console to make your party a more remarkable one. It is suitable for stage


DJ Booth

The DJ booth is easy to design, install and disassemble. This is a great multi-functional DJ booth. Easy setup/installation out of the box. Fashionable appearance and unique design. Add elegance to your wedding, nightclub or bar. Create a modern style booth. Its unique design and construction will impress customers, venues and guests. Not only in aesthetics, but also the multiple function can meet all DJ control requirements.


DMX Winch

DMX winch is used to hang the winch ball, better decorate the party, stage and various kinds of events, create a more lively atmosphere, enrich the scene, make the guests more involved, and leave a better influence for the guests. Our DMX winch is very durable, made of advanced materials, with strong bearing capacity and long service life.

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