History of the LED Dance Floor Development

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

LED dance floor, also known as illuminate dance floor or disco dance floor, is a floor with different colors. They are used for dancing. The early LED dance floors can be traced back to the 1920s, when the first batch of lighting floors were built at the Via Lago Café in Chicago. They are made of translucent stained glass panels, illuminated from below by bulbs. After appearing in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, this product began to enter more people’s vision and gradually became popular.

Modern LED dance floor adopts color LED lighting. Red, green and blue LEDs are usually used to obtain a wide color range. The floor is usually composed of solid squares, and tempered glass and acrylic glass are used as panels. LED dance floor can display different patterns and flashes under the control system. The rows or squares of the panel share a controller.

With the popularity of LED dance floor and the increase of market demand, more and more companies have also started the research, development, production and sales of LED dance floor.

At the beginning, the popular wire LED dance floor has developed into a Led starlit dance floor with higher market requirements. Customers like the starlit effect and simple patterns, which can instantly improve the atmosphere and level of activities and venues. With the development of science and technology, the wire LED dance floor can not meet the needs of customers. More customers have higher requirements for simpler installation methods. The wire LED dance floor takes a lot of time and labor costs. Some customers who need to install and dismantle frequently, or event rental companies begin to seek some LED dance floors with simpler installation methods. TOP DANCE, as a professional LED dance floor company, was founded to create a better wireless LED dance floor. It has been going deep into the market, understanding the changes in customer needs, constantly improving the technical level, updating products, and adhering to innovation, so as to provide better products that can better meet customer needs for the LED dance floor industry and market. Combined with the customer’s requirements for the effect and the installation method, the wireless Led starlit dance floor was developed and produced. With the more diversified requirements for the effect presentation, the wireless pixel dance floor was followed. Although the wireless LED dance floor has been more convenient than the wired dance floor, avoiding the cable connection between each panel, the connection time of the entire set of the Led dance floor is still gradually unable to meet the needs of customers. Focusing on the needs of customers, TOP DANCE began to develop and produce 3D Magnet LED dance floor. The panel with magnet system is more convenient to install. One panel can be installed in one second, and the complete installation only takes 8 minutes. The cool panel effect is also popular with customers, especially in some theme parties, dj activities, performance stages, exhibition venues, which can present eye-catching effects. In order to meet the needs of more venues for the use of LED dance floor, TOP DANCE created a magic digital dance floor. The graphic effect and typing effect are popular with customers. More customers use it in weddings, banquets, celebrations or anniversary activities. In the process of customer use, there are further requirements for the control mode. The control mode is controlled by the original remote control, DMX control, and a tablet control is added to the computer control. In order to achieve true wireless connection, TOP DANCE has priority over the industry, and first developed and produced battery LED dance floor. This dance floor has a built-in battery, built-in controller, and truly wireless connection.

In the future, with the change of market requirements and the innovation and development of technology, the installation and control methods of the LED dance floor will continue to be optimized, presenting a more exquisite effect.

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