How Big Should a Dance Floor Be?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

In order to ensure the safety and provide the guests with a better use experience, the first thing to know before purchasing, renting or installing the LED dance floor is its size. The size of the LED dance floor should be determined according to the scale of the event and the number of participants.

The following are the specific reference of dimensions:

30-50 people need 14 * 14ft LED dance floor

60-80 people need 16 * 16ft LED dance floor

100-120 people need 20 * 20ft LED dance floor

More than 120 people need 24 * 24ft LED dance floor

The maximum size available is 40 * 40ft

Various types of events have different requirements for the style of LED dance floor and for the size. Therefore, before purchasing or renting, you need to refer to the guest list and the size of the venue in advance, understand the size of the dance floor available, and do a good job of accounting, so that you can better purchase or rent a more suitable LED dance floor.

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