How Much for Led Dance Floor Rental?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

With the increasing popularity of LED dance floors, many people are worried about whether these magic LED dance floors can be bought.Their budget ranges from the most practical, low cost to multi-function, diverse effects but relatively high cost. The visual effects created by these LED dance floors ensure unforgettable activities and create new experience. People can find many event rental companies to provide different LED dance floors for the event. Nevertheless, it is crucial to choose the most experienced, high-quality and affordable rental service.


The cost of renting LED dance floor will be lower than that of permanent dance floor. This is undoubtedly a good choice when organizing temporary or irregular activities. People will never want to buy an LED dance floor for only use it once. They will find LED dance floor according to their requirements, design preferences and reasonable budget. They are safe, the design is professional, the quality is reliable, the effect is exquisite, and the edge will be set at the appropriate position to avoid any confusion or accident.


The services provided by LED dance floor rental company may include:

1. Arrangement and installation in advance on the day of the event

2. Specific venues such as conferences/trade fairs can be arranged one day in advance according to customer needs

3. The selection of LED dance floor can include panel type (pattern/shape), color, material (mirror/frosting) and combination of the two.

4. Customizable effects, displayed patterns and text can be set in advance to create a truly customized appearance.

5. Multiple control methods can be selected, and can be set before the event

6. Delivery, installation and disassembly


Most event rental companies do not have a specific LED dance floor price list, because the cost varies according to time, size, dance floor type and functions. Most pricing is one-time rental, including delivery, installation, removal and pickup.

You must also consider the number of participants. In this way, you can understand the size of the dance floor, your needs and financial impact.

To be sure, this innovative dance floor is most suitable for various situations and events. Nevertheless, if you order LED dance floor for dance party, celebration, birthday party, wedding, banquet, anniversary celebration or company activities, you can add some new party atmosphere with the LED dance floor.

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