How to Buy the Best Led Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

There are various styles and sizes of Led dance floor for events or specific venues. Whether it is planning a modest or small ceremony, a party or a luxurious and grand event, there are many Led dance floor styles to choose from. The Led dance floor is usually the focus of the event venue. It can set the tone for the whole event and it’s the key to the success of the event. So there are several things to consider when choosing an Led dance floor.


●What’s the size of the Led dance floor?

●What’s the function of an Led dance floor?

●What about the safety of the Led dance floor?

●What’s the budget to buy the Led dance floor?/How much does it cost to buy a Led dance floor?

●Where will the Led dance floor be used?

●What styles of Led dance floor is most suitable for your events?


Safety of the LED Dance Floor

Safety is always the most important parts that should take into account. In fact, any physical exercise has certain risks. However, a good Led dance floor products will greatly reduce the existing security risks. Led dance floor need to carry guests to dance and walk on them at some parties, and they need to bear the weight of some heavy equipment for a long time in the stage performance and the possible damage caused by various performance items. When they are used in the auto show, they even need to bear the weight of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to have better load capacity to reduce the possibility of breakage during the use. Also, the edge should have a professional anti-slip design to avoid slippery.


Materials of the LED Dance Floor

The Led dance floor can be made of a variety of materials, from acrylic plate to tempered glass, there will be many materials for the Led dance floor to choose from, but different materials have different durability and use occasions. More durable materials need to be selected to ensure the safety , and the selection of more high-quality materials can also reflect the good taste of the host. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the quality of LED source when we decide to purchase one. We need to choose the LED dance floor that use the high-quality and durable Led sources to ensure that the Led dance floor is durable and reduce the trouble of maintenance.


Size of the LED Dance Floor

Another significant factor is the size of the Led dance floor. The easiest way to solve this problem is to browse the guest list. Assess the area required for individuals to stretch on the dance floor. According to the general rule of thumb, at any given time, nearly half of the guest list must be on the floor.


Function and Effect

It is also important to consider whether the installation of Led dance floor is convenient, whether the connection is stable, how the control mode is, and whether the effect style is suitable for the site requirements. Led dance floor has wireless, magnet and battery models. The installation of the wire Led dance floor will be more time-consuming and labor consuming than other models, but the price is also relatively cheaper and more suitable for permanent installation. The wireless Led dance floor (magnet type, battery type) are very convenient to install, requiring less time and labor costs. They are more suitable for the arrangement of individual parties, and are also very convenient and beneficial to the event rental business.

The control mode is sometimes limited by the site, so when selecting an Led dance floor, it is necessary to consider whether the control mode is applicable to the site. The common control methods include DMX control, remote control, computer control and tablet control.


Application Fields

Led dance floor tiles can be used in many places, including cutting-edge nightclubs, dance clubs, corporate events, trade exhibitions (eye-catching), fashion shows, dj events, car shows, bars, stage platforms, drums and percussion platforms, exhibitions, weddings, banquets, parties, various celebrations and residential decoration.


Style Selection

Professional Led dance floor tile manufacturers will have a variety of Led dance floor tiles with different styles to choose from, which can adapt to various types of theme activities. For example, if it is used for the decoration of wedding, proposal ceremony and engagement ceremony, it is more suitable to choose simple and atmospheric classic style, which can light up the elegant starlit effect, or display the specific words on the floor to set off the romantic and dreamy atmosphere of the wedding; If it is used for Halloween and other festival activities with specific themes, it is suitable for fashionable and cool special effects. If used for dance parties, Led dance floor with unique style, gorgeous effect and even interactive effect can be used.



In order to arrange activities, a budget must be prepared first. This information will also help reduce the possibility of dance floor. Most dance floor rental companies charge from $200 to $4000 per square foot. The price of the dance floor is determined by the materials and space used. Although the price of Led dance floor tiles varies with size, the following are the most typical sizes and prices: 16 ‘x 16’ (100 guests) $2500, 20 ‘x 20’ (150 guests) $3800.


Led dance floor are the best choice to add joy and visual charm to the event. They provide a floor space, can decorate the site with any color and effect that people like, and can synchronize with the event theme. For small, medium and large gatherings, Led dance floor provide a splendid entertainment experience. Once you know how much Led dance floor usually cost, you can buy the right dance floor for your specific needs and activities within the perfect budget.

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