How to Install a Magnetic Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Product Guides

In weddings, parties or some specific events, the dance floor is usually a huge focus. If you want to buy an LED dance floor for your activities, you may need to consider some things before your purchasing.


This can include the size and style of the dance floor you may need, as well as your own budget. However, some people do not consider the installation method of the floor panel when purchasing or renting LED flooring. The key information like this may cause the LED dance floor to  become an impressive topic or a complete disaster. So let’s see what LED dance floor is made of and what you need to pay attention to.


How does the LED dance floor work?

LED dance floor bulbs are embedded in the top surface of the acrylic inlay, which means that to operate, there must be a power supply between each             panel, so that each LED is basically “lit”.


There are two main types of LED dance floor on the market, the main difference is the power transmission mode between each panel:

Wireless LED Dance FloorEach panel connects and transmits power and signals through magnets located at the edge of each panel

Wired LED Dance Floor: Each panel connects and transmits power and signals through a series of cables


In addition to the transmission mode, there is also the cost of installation time. It takes more than one hour to install a whole set of wired LED dance floor. It requires not only the power connection, but also the cable connection and concealment between the floor tiles. It also requires the cooperation of additional labor costs for installing. It is difficult for one person to complete the installation in a short time. If the size is large, it will take more time. Wireless or magnetic Led dance floor will greatly save more time and labor costs. The connection between floor tiles will no longer need the troublesome set up process. It can even be installed in one second, one person and can complete the installation in less than ten minutes. The event rental company or the host of events should pay attention to the impact of the complexity of the installation of the Led dance floor. A simpler and easier installation method is bound to save personnel costs for the event, and also greatly shorten the time for the layout and preparation of the event site.


How to install the magnet LED dance floor ?

Taking TP-M878 of TOP DANCE as an example, the overall installation can be completed in a few easy steps, which is very simple and fast.

1.According to the drawing, take out the accessories you need.

2.Place the wiring edge

3.To connect the controller’s cables and turn it on.

●Connect the power of the controllers

●Connect the wiring edge and the controllers (The connection of the controller port should be installed from port 1 to port 4 from left to right)

4.Connect the power supply cables and turn it on

5.Connect the wiring edge and the power supply

6.Install the first row of the floor tiles: The direction of the arrow is opposite to the position of the wiring edge. IN is above, OUT is below.

7. Press No.7 button on the remote control to light up all led, and check if the former installation works. Then continue the installation.

8.Install the edges of the other three sides after all floor tiles are installed

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