How to Install Battery Magnet LED Dance Floor Easily?

Dec 22, 2022 | Product Guides

Top Dance is the first and only company in the LED dance floor industry that achieve this installation method. After years of research and innovation by the R&D team, the battery magnet LED dance floor supports the latest installation mode that developed by the company, which is more convenient and worry free. It does not require any cable connection. It can have you get rid of the troublesome and complex wiring problems, And it takes the shortest time and the least effort to complete the installation.

Installation Steps:

1.According to the drawing, take out the accessories you need.

2.Place the floor tile and turn on the switch

The direction of the arrow is opposite to the position of the edge. “IN” is above, “OUT” is below.

3.Connect the floor tiles together

4. Press No.7 button on the remote control to light up all led, and check if the former installation works. Then continue the installation.

5.Install the edges of four sides after all floor tiles are installed.

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