How to Install Wired Connection LED Dance Floor Easily?

Dec 22, 2022 | Product Guides

Wired connection is the most classic installation mode, with is more stable and more durable. It is more convenient for customers with fixed event sites. It can be used for a long time after installation.


Installation Steps:

1. According to the drawing, take out the accessories you need.

2. Place the main power cable and controller and power them on 

3. Install the first row of the floor tile

Connect the tile to the main power cable

●The direction of the arrow is opposite to the position of the main power supply edge. “IN” is above, “OUT” is below.

●Two wires need to be connected together first and then twisted

 Connect the signal cable of the tile to the controller

●The connection of the controller port should be installed from port 1 to port 4 from left to right

●Two wires need to be connected together first and then twisted

4.Set up the plastic feet and lay the floor tile on it, to make it fixed and hard to separate (make sure the four corners of the tile should lay on the plastic feet)

5.Then install the second row

Connect the cables to the tile of the first row

Hide the cables and lay the tile on the set-up feet

The rest can be done in the same manner

6.Press No.7 button on the remote control to light up all led, and check if the former installation works. Then continue the installation.

7.Install the edges of four sides after all floor tiles are installed.

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