How to Replace the Magnet of the Led Dance Floor?

Dec 22, 2022 | Product Guides

The reason why the magnet is broken:

1. Static electricity damages the motherboard

2. The wiring port is loose

1. Damage caused by external pressure

2. The circuit is unstable and burnt due to poor contact

3. The magnet is corroded and rusted after being installed for a long time


How to know if the magnets are broken or not?

1. The magnets break

2. The magnet can’t move at all (Not completely damage)

3. The magnet is burnt. The color of it’s surface is obviously different from before


Operation guidance :

1. Find the magnet bar

2. Loosen the fixed screws in turn

3. Pull out the magnet bar

4. Continue to loosen the fixed screw until the nut can be unscrewed

5. Disassemble the nut, conducting strip and spring

6. Push the magnet out from the front

7. Replace with the new magnet

9. Tighten the screws in turn until the conducting strip is 5mm away from the magnetic strip, and ensure that all screws are tightened to the maximum

10. Tighten the fixed screws in turn

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