How to Replace the Mainboard of the Led Dance Floor?

Dec 22, 2022 | Product Guides

The reason why the mainboard is broken (small probability event):

1. Static electricity damages the motherboard

2. The wiring port is loose

How to know if the mainboard is broken or not?

1. Other panels light up normally, but damaged panels do not light up

2. Other panels display effects, but broken panels always display color white

Operation guidance:

1. Turn the floor tile over

2. Unscrew the four nuts with a screwdriver and open the cover plate

3. Remove the glue that used for fixing the line

4. Unplug the four wires

5. Take a new motherboard

6. Connect four wires

  • The yellow wire should be inserted into J2 interface, and the black wire should be inserted into J5 interface
  • Plug the other two wires
  • Glue the interface for fixing
  • Glue the cover plate and stick it to the main board for fixing

7. Finally turn over the cover plate and fix it with screws

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