How to set up one set 20x20ft magnet 3d led dance floor mat?

Apr 12, 2022 | Product Guides

Looking For a LED DANCE FLOOR to make your events&disco club&stage&wedding venue exclusive? TOP Light LED dance floor would be the best choice !

What BENEFITS could TOP Dance portable dance floor bring for you? Infinity Light up dance floor can be used in weddings, clubs, corporate event, car displays, and etc.

At the same time, you could also open your led dance floor for rental market, Hire 20×20 led dance floor to make profits 2-3K per event.

The most popular size for hotel and banquet hall is 20x20FT. And there are items of 20×20 led dance floor for sale below:

144 pcs magnet LED Dance Floor Panels

1pcs remote controller

6pcs Low Consumption Power Supply

2pcs controllers

6pcs magnet edges with power cable and signal cable


18 wireless magnetic edge

18 Flight Cases for LED dance floors

1 extra flight case for accessories

But HOW to set up and light up dance floor when you are in the events? Let’s move on step by step:


First step:Check over complete Installation Drawing for 20x20ft light up floor tiles 




Second Step: Pick the led dance floor out from the flight cases one by one.

Third Step:Install the first two rows. There is a arrow beside the light up dance floor, make sure that all dance floors are in the same direction. When you hear “CHUCK” from the magnet connector, you set up the dance floor perfectly.

Fourth Step: Connect the magnetic edge with power cable and controller, make sure that the “IN” side is the starting point where the cables need to be connected. (Silver connector for controller and blue connector for power supply)

Fifth Step: Connect the cables to the power supply and controller relatively. ( Make sure that the lines on the edge connect ports 1, 2, 3, 4 in order )

Sixth Step: Set up the led dance floor based on the complete drawing, and connect the wireless magnet edges for the other three sides.

There is the video to show the complete 3d dance floor panels installation:

After the party events, remove the led dance floors and put them back in the flight cases. Remember to clean the panels before putting back to cases. Any problem, contact TOP Dance Sale team!


Choose TOP Dance, Choose prefessional magnetic led dance floor supplier.


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