Is the Led Dance Floor Safe in Party?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

When we use the LED dance floor in various places and events, or before we buy or rent the LED dance floor, we will consider its safety. We all know that there are certain dangers in any activity, especially in the happy atmosphere of the party, people will be more engaged in it, and it is often easy to ignore some potential dangers. However, if the manufacturer of LED dance floor is professional enough, it can pay attention to some design points in advance and reduce the use risk of LED dance floor at parties.

The first thing to talk about is the bearing capacity. During the party, the LED dance floor needs to carry many guests to dance on it, so the requirement of bearing capacity is relatively higher. Some relatively inferior LED dance floor tiles cannot reach a very high level in bearing capacity because they lack technology and good panel material selection. TOP DANCE is generous in material selection. It uses high-quality 10mm tempered glass. After strict quality test and control, the bearing capacity of each panel can reach 500-600kg, which is not easy to break.

Secondly, it is size customization. Before purchasing or renting the LED dance floor as a party, we need to consider whether the size can accommodate the number of people attending the party. If the size is not enough to accommodate the number of guests, it is also easy to pose a danger.

Finally, we should consider the design of anti-slip edges. Some LED dance floors are not equipped with edges. In this case, since the floor tile has a certain height, it is easy for guests to fall or sprain when they are close to the edge. LED dance floor products of TOP DANCE are equipped with anti-slip edges, more professional design, and reduce the probability of slipping to sprain.

Therefore, when choosing LED dance floor as a party, we must consider its safety performance. Before purchasing and renting, we should carefully confirm whether its design is professional and whether it will cause the risk.

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