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TOP DANCE, the leading manufacturer of the industry’s most exquisite and advanced LED dance floors. Tailored specifically for event rental businesses and event planners, our offerings promise to transform any venue into a beacon of elegance and luminosity.

Why Is TOP DANCE the Premier Choice for LED Dance Floor Manufacturing?

Expansive Production Arena

Our vast 100,000 SQM manufacturing facility isn’t just an expansive space; it’s a testament to our dedication to maintaining the pinnacle of quality and constantly pushing the envelope in LED dance floor innovation.

Precision and Timeliness

Equipped with 20 state-of-the-art production lines, we not only uphold our commitment to quality but also guarantee prompt and consistent deliveries. With us, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in punctuality and precision.

Unyielding Commitment to Quality

Our extensive 1,000 SQM testing area stands as a beacon of our relentless pursuit of perfection. Each dance floor undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring that what reaches you is impeccable in every aspect.

Pioneering the Future of Floors

Led by seasoned professionals, our team channels its cumulative expertise to craft floors that aren’t just innovative but also stand as industry benchmarks.

A Promise Etched in Trust

Every dance floor we craft carries with it a three-year warranty. It’s not just a guarantee; it’s our promise of quality and the trust we have in our product’s enduring performance.

Post-purchase Excellence

Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end post-purchase. Our dedicated after-sales service team remains ever vigilant, ensuring you always have a helping hand whenever you need it.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Recognizing that every event is unique, we offer LED dance floor customizable services. Tailor the effects, patterns, or even colors to suit your event’s theme. With us, you dictate, and we craft.

Strategically Located LA Warehouse

Convenience is key in our partnership with you. Our Los Angeles warehouse facilitates swift goods picking, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it.

A Comprehensive and Authorized Guide to Buying LED Dance Floor

Table of Contents

1. What Is LED Dance Floor?

An LED dance floor is an innovative flooring solution that incorporates advanced LED technology to produce vibrant, customizable lighting displays. Serving as both a functional dance surface and a captivating visual element, it enhances the ambiance of any event setting. Built with top-tier materials and engineering, this floor ensures durability while providing event-goers with a unique and immersive dancing experience.

1.1 What’s the Difference between LED Dance Floors and Traditional Dance Floors?

Traditional dance floors serve foundational needs, acting as mere platforms. LED dance floors, on the other hand, seamlessly integrate advanced technology with unparalleled aesthetics to not just support but elevate the entertainment quotient.

1.2 Where Can You Best Use LED Dance Floors?

The allure of LED dance floors isn’t just in their aesthetic brilliance. These floors find themselves at home in an array of venues: grand weddings, milestone birthday parties, corporate galas, electrifying music festivals, chic fashion shows, monumental auto shows, DJ events, upscale nightclubs, trendy bars, traditional ballrooms, and more. The luminescent appeal of our dance floors guarantees that every event is not just seen, but truly experienced.
led dance floor (1)

2. How Can an LED Dance Floor Benefit You?

1. Maximized Returns with Competitive Pricing

LED dance floors serve dual purposes: as captivating dance surfaces and as dynamic lighting solutions. This dual functionality translates to cost savings, making them an attractive rental proposition, ensuring you offer competitive pricing with good margins.

2. Swift and Hassle-Free Set-Up

Time is money in the event industry. LED dance floors are designed for rapid installations. This efficiency is crucial for rental businesses, reducing labor costs and ensuring timely setups.

3.Visual Appeal and Immersive Experience and Versatility in Event Theming

LED dance floors can display a range of colors, patterns, and are versatile enough to align with any theme. The effects ensures every event is visually stunning, making attendees immerse in a mesmerizing light show, making the experience memorable.

4. Boosted Brand Reputation and Demand

LED dance floors are conversation starters. Events featuring these floors are bound to generate positive feedback. This word-of-mouth promotion can substantially boost your brand reputation, drive demand, and increase bookings.

5. Future-Ready and Innovative Offerings

Being at the forefront of technology and innovation positions your rental business as a leader. Offering LED dance floors signals that your business is attuned to the latest trends, attracting forward-thinking clients and larger events.

3. What Are the Main LED Dance Floor Categories and Their Distinct Features?

LED dance floors come in a variety of categories including wired and wireless led dance floor to suit different needs. The wired LED dance floor provides reliable, continuous illumination through a direct power connection. The wireless LED dance floor offers a clean setup without the need for physical cable connections. The magnetic dance floor uses magnetic technology for quick and easy assembly. Lastly, the battery-powered magnetic dance floor combines magnetic convenience with battery-operated functionality, allowing for flexible placement and operation.

3.1 What’s the Difference between Wireless LED Dance Floors and Wired LED Dance Floors?

Both wireless and wired LED dance floors provide a visually captivating experience for attendees, but they have distinct features and are suitable for different settings. Wireless LED Dance Floors operate without any external cables, making the installation process smoother. Their design is notably more stable, making them the preferred choice for high-stakes events where consistency and reliability are paramount. This stability makes them especially ideal for events such as weddings, exhibitions, and corporate functions. On the other hand, Wired LED Dance Floors often offer a more intricate setup with a broader array of lighting configurations. While they require a more complex installation process due to their cabling, they’re perfect for venues where the dance floor remains a permanent or semi-permanent fixture. Their dazzling and vibrant light displays are particularly suited for nightclubs, bars, ballrooms, and entertainment establishments where ambiance is key.

4. How Is the Pricing for LED Dance Floors Determined?

4.1 What Factors Influence LED Dance Floor Pricing?

The pricing of LED dance floors is a reflection of:

1. Material Quality:

How durable is the LED dance floor? Premium materials, such as high-quality LEDs, tempered glass surfaces, and robust base materials, typically cost more than their cheaper counterparts.

2. Technology Integration:

Advanced features like battery-operated panels, interactive capabilities, and wireless controls can influence the overall price.

3. Customization Options:

The ability to customize effects, colors, and designs can raise the price, especially if the requirements are intricate.

4. Size and Dimensions:

Larger dance floors or those with unique shapes and sizes can be pricier due to the increased number of LED panels and controllers required.

5. Installation Complexity:

Magnetic LED dance floors, for instance, might be priced differently from traditional wired ones due to the ease of installation.

6. Brand Reputation:

Established brands like TOP DANCE, known for quality and innovation, might have a higher price point compared to lesser-known brands. This premium is often a reflection of quality, after-sales service, and reliability.

7. Warranty and Support:

Products that come with extended warranties or comprehensive after-sales support might be priced slightly higher, reflecting the added value of these services.

8. Shipping and Logistics:

Depending on the delivery location and urgency, shipping costs can significantly influence the final price, especially for bulky products like dance floors.

9. Additional Accessories:

Some LED dance floors might require additional accessories or controllers for full functionality, adding to the overall cost.

4.2 How to calculate the price of LED dance floor?

1. Determine the Size Requirement
2. Choose the Specific Model or Technology
3. Account for Customization
4. Add Accessories and Additional Equipment
5. Account for Shipping and Logistics
6. Volume Discounts
Contact our expert team for a quote that’s customized to your needs, ensuring full transparency, the most competitive rates, and unmatched value for money.

5. What Are the Advantages and Limitations of LED Dance Floors?

5.1 What Makes LED Dance Floors the Right Choice?

Rapid Set-Up: Designed for user ease, LED dance floors ensure swift installations, allowing event companies to set up grand stages in minimal time.

Vast Visual Library: From mesmerizing 3D infinity effects, shimmering starlit sequences, customizable patterns and text effects to dazzling color mixes; LED floors provide a vast array of visual delights.

Empowered Control: Whether you prefer a DMX or a simple remote or tablet, LED floors provide control options for every event scale and type.
Affordability and Luxury: LED dance floors redefine the intersection of luxury and affordability, ensuring that you always get value for your purchasing.
Unmatched Portability: Designed for ease of movement, LED floors are a favorite among event planners who often need to change venues.
Unyielding Strength: LED floors can take on considerable weight, ensuring no hiccups during those high-energy events.
Tailored to Perfection: Sizes, effects, colors – customization options ensure your vision is brought to life precisely.

5.2 Points of Consideration

LED dance floors, while game-changing, require regular maintenance to ensure their performance and luminosity remain top-notch. Their electronic nature means they should be shielded from excessive moisture.

6. What Unique Features Do TOP DANCE LED Dance Floor Offer?

6.1 What Makes LED Dance Floors the Right Choice?

Swift and Smooth Installations: Our dance floors are meticulously designed for convenience. The magnetic systems and wireless features reduce the need for intricate installations, ensuring that large dance floors can be set up in under 10 minutes.
Kaleidoscope of Effects: Our LED dance floors offer a wide range of visual effects. From 3D infinite effects, pulsating starlight sequences to vibrant pattern displays; the visuals can be tailored to match the event’s theme or vibe.
dance floor effects
State-of-the-Art Control Systems: Our dance floors come equipped with multiple control options. Whether you’re looking for tablet controls, advanced DMX setups, or even remote controls, our floors provide an option for every need.
control method of led dance floor
Economic Brilliance: At TOP DANCE, we believe in providing value. Our LED dance floors, while being the pinnacle of technological and design innovation, are priced competitively, ensuring that our clients always get more than what they invest.

Mobility Mastered: Each of our dance floors is designed keeping portability in mind. This design consideration ensures that event planners and rental businesses find it easy to transport and set up our floors, regardless of the venue.

Sturdy and Reliable: A dance floor should not just be visually appealing but also sturdy. Our floors can handle considerable weight of 600kg, making them perfect for events of all scales.
Personalized Creations: At TOP DANCE, we believe in realizing visions. Whether you have a specific size in mind, a unique visual effect, or even a particular color, our team is ready to make it a reality.

7. How to Choose the Right Size of LED Dance Floor?

The optimal size of an LED dance floor depends on the number of guests and how many of them you anticipate dancing simultaneously. For instance, for an event with 100 guests, a 12×12 dance floor is recommended, as it can comfortably accommodate 30 to 40 dancers at a time. Here’s a quick reference table to guide you:
Size of Dance Floor Dancing at One Time Number of Guests
10 x 10ft 10-20 people 60 people
12 x 12ft 30-40 people 100 people
15 x 15ft 50-60 people 150 people
16 x 16ft 60-80 people 180 people
18 x 18ft 70-80 people 200 people
20 x 20ft 100-120 people 250 people
24 x 24ft more than 120 people 400 people
For more detailed information or bespoke dance floor solutions, please reach out to our sales team, who are equipped to provide professional support tailored to your event needs.
various dance floor size

8. How to Use the LED Dance Floor Correctly and Safely?

How to Install an LED Dance Floor?

1. Wired LED Dance Floor Installation

  • Ensure all necessary components, including tiles, wires, power source, and controller, are present and in working condition.
  • Clear the installation area from any obstructions.

Layout Determination:

  • Confirm the dimensions to be installed.
  • Plan your dance floor layout to ensure optimal placement and wire management.
Power and Controller Setup:
  • Securely connect the wired edge to the power supply.
  • Attach the controller according to the certain installation size for correct signal transmission.
Tile Placement:
  • Begin by positioning the tiles according to the predetermined layout.
  • Connect adjacent tiles using the appropriate wires.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s wiring diagram to ensure correct placement.
  • Use the provided fixing angle to ensure that the floor tiles are tightly connected.
  • After completing sets of floor tile splices, install the rest of the edges.
Final Inspection and Testing:
  • Turn on the dance floor.
  • Adjust settings as necessary to ensure uniform lighting and desired effects.
2. Wireless LED Dance Floor (Interlocking Dance Floor) Installation
  • Prepare all necessary components, including tiles, power source, and controller.
  • Ensure a clean installation space.
  • Confirm the dimensions to be installed.
Power and Controller Setup:
  • Assemble wired edges, power source, and controller.
Tile Positioning:
  • Initiate from the first row of floor tiles connected to the wired edge, connecting in sequence.
  • Join tiles using their interlocking Design.
  • After completing sets of floor tile splices, install the rest of the edges.
Final Test:
  • Ensure all tiles are secured and display the correct lighting.
3. Magnetic LED Dance Floor Installation
  • Organize tiles, power connector, and controller.
  • Prepare a flat surface for installation.
Layout Visualization:
  • Plan the desired dance floor shape and size.
Tile Positioning:
  • Initiate from the first row of floor tiles connected to the wired edge, connecting in sequence.
  • Adjacent tiles will magnetically align, ensuring proper positioning.
  • After completing the whole sets of floor tile splices, install the rest of the edges.
Operational Test:
  • Check for uniform lighting and control responsiveness.
4. Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Installation
  • Determine the shape and boundaries of the dance floor.
  • Prepare the certain number of tiles.
  • Clean the designated installation zone.
Tile Deployment:
  • Initiate from the first row of floor tiles connected to the edge, connecting in sequence (Turn the dance floor switch is on before splicing).
  • Set the tiles as per the decided pattern. Tiles will automatically connect using the embedded magnets.
  • After completing the whole sets of floor tile splices, install the rest of the edges.
Final Test:
Confirm that tiles light up evenly and batteries are fully operational.
Maximizing the life and preserving the elegance of your LED dance floor hinges on the right cleaning approach. Adhere to these steps:
Preparation: Opt for a soft cloth and immerse it in a gentle cleaning solution. Make sure to extract surplus moisture.
Cleaning Technique: When tending to the LED panels, employ delicate, sweeping motions. This prevents undue strain, safeguarding the LEDs from potential damage.
Materials to Avoid: Eschew rough fabrics or aggressive cleaning agents. These adversaries can mar or jeopardize the dance floor’s pristine finish.
By adhering to these guidelines, you not only ensure a lasting brilliance but also fortify your investment against untimely wear and tear.

How to Maintain an LED Dance Floor?

  • Turn the floor tile to expose its underside.
  • Gently unscrew the four nuts anchoring the cover plate.
  • Eradicate any adhesive previously utilized to stabilize the wiring.
  • Detach the four wires connected to the existing main board.
  • Integrate a fresh main board by:
  • Connecting the yellow and black wires to the J2 and J5 ports respectively.
    Appropriately connect the remaining two wires.
    Affix the interfaces with adhesive for stable placement.

  • Attach the cover plate to the main board using adhesive.
  • Reorient the cover plate and solidify its position using screws.
  • Identify the magnet bar’s position within the tile.
  • Sequentially slacken the screws fixed on the magnet bar.
  • With caution, extricate the magnet bar.
  • Progress with unscrewing until the nut is free.
  • Discard the nut, conductor strip, and spring associated with the magnet.
  • Extract the magnet from the front side of the tile.
  • Substitute the outdated magnet with a new one.
  • Tighten each screw until the conductor strip is positioned 5mm from the magnetic strip, ensuring all screws are firmly anchored.
  • Conclusively, secure the fixed screws in order to finalize the magnet replacement procedure.
  • Eliminate the adhesive meticulously.
  • Extract the current glass panel.
  • Introduce a pristine glass panel as its replacement.
  • Apply adhesive for firm adherence.
  • Open the Glass Panel: Begin by accessing the interior of the dance floor.
  • Detach the Existing Strip: Carefully peel off the adhesive backing from the bead strip to safely remove any damaged LED strip.
  • Install the New Strip: Position the new bead strip appropriately and firmly adhere it in place using the recommended adhesive.
  • Secure the Glass Panel: Once the new LED strip is securely in place, close and lock the glass panel.

9. What’s Trending in the World of LED Dance Floors?

9.1 Battery Magnetic LED Dance Floor

The future is wireless. Our Battery Magnet LED Dance Floor exemplifies this philosophy. Perfect for venues where wiring can be a challenge, these dance floors light up events without any fuss of cables. With a battery life designed to last entire events, they promise uninterrupted brilliance. Boasting an enduring battery life, they ensure the event’s ambiance remains consistent and uninterrupted from beginning to end.
battery magnetic dance floor

9.2 Magnetic LED Dance Floor

Combining the best of design and technology, our Magnetic LED Dance Floors offer rapid installation and a seamless look. The magnetic mechanism ensures panels fit perfectly, creating a dance floor that’s as smooth as it is luminous. A harmonious blend of aesthetic design and pragmatic technology is embodied in our Magnetic LED Dance Floors. Their quick installation process is a boon for event managers, and the advanced magnetic mechanism guarantees each panel aligns flawlessly.
magnetic dance floor

9.3 Interactive LED Dance Floor

Step into the future with our Interactive LED Dance Floors. Every step, every dance move is mirrored with mesmerizing light patterns, creating an engaging experience for guests. The Interactive LED Dance Floors are more than just platforms to dance on; they’re an experience. Tailored to respond to each movement, they illuminate with dynamic light patterns synchronized to every step and twirl. This reactive light show ensures that guests aren’t just attendees; they’re part of the spectacle.
interactive dance floor

9.4 Video Dance Floor

Tell a story with the floor itself. Our Display LED Dance Floors can project visuals, adding an extra layer of engagement to your event. Perfect for brand launches, themed events, or just about any event where you want to leave a lasting impression.
video dance floor

10. What Should You Know Before Purchasing an LED Dance Floor?

10.1 FAQs

What is the lifespan of the LED lights in the dance floor?
The lifespan of the LED lights in our dance floors typically ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on usage. With regular maintenance and proper care, you can expect a long service life from our products.

How challenging is the installation process?

Our LED dance floors, especially the battery magnetic and wireless versions, are designed for easy and rapid installation. Most models can be set up without any professional assistance, thanks to the intuitive design and clear instructions provided.
Can the LED dance floors withstand heavy weights and frequent usage?
Yes, customization is one of our specialties. You can tailor the effects, patterns, and colors to match the theme of your event. Our interactive dance floors even respond to movement, creating dynamic light shows in real-time.
Is it possible to customize the lighting effects and patterns on the dance floor?
Yes, customization is one of our specialties. You can tailor the effects, patterns, and colors to match the theme of your event. Our interactive dance floors even respond to movement, creating dynamic light shows in real-time.
What kind of maintenance and after-sales support can I expect?
At TOP DANCE, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive after-sales service. Our team is always on standby to assist you with any queries or issues. As for maintenance, the dance floors are designed for minimal upkeep. Occasional cleaning and ensuring they’re stored in a safe, dry place will keep them in top condition.

10.2 LED Dance Floor Purchasing Guide

1. Understand Your Requirements
2. Quality Inspection and Certification
3. Aesthetics and Customization
4. Installation and Control
5. Power Consumption and Safety
6. Supplier Communication and Support
7. Pricing and Warranty
8. Logistics and Delivery
9. Reviews and Recommendations
10. Future-Proofing and Innovations