Magnet Dance Floors Are In Stock In Los Angeles Warehouse

Jun 15, 2021 | Company News

Hey guys!

Here kindly remind you that there are ONLY one set 20x20ft Magnet Digital Dance Floor and one set 20x20ft 3D Mirror&matte Magnet Dance Floor on sale now.

If you want to pick up Magnet Dance Floor in LA, just contact us to book it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Magnet Digital Dance Floor and Mirror&matte Magnet Dance Floor are hot selling product this season. With fast installation method, convenient control mode, and stable performance, they are mostly using for rental business, dj events, wedding events, various parties, shows, exhibitions and so on.

20x20FT Magnet Digital Dance Floor–Suitable for Weddings most!

Fast Installation: The dance floor is adopted with magnetic system. Turn on the switch, to experience one piece installation in only one second. All the installation can be completed in only 8 minutes!

Advanced Control Methods: It supports remote control, DMX control, computer control and iPad control. The iPad control is so convenient that you can complete the effects changing in a simple touching on the screen.

Creative Effects: The LED dance floor provide mix RGB effects, solid colors, starlit effects and even words typing. It can present a wide color range to bring you an extremely amazing party.
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20X20FT Mirror&matte Magnet Dance Floor–TOP Selling in USA

More Convenient Control Methods: It supports remote control, DMX control and computer control. You can freely select alternative colors, styles and other effects by using the attached remote control.

Alternative Surface: This floor tile provides two kinds of surfaces, including mirror surface and matte surface, to better meet the needs of different venues, and the combination of both can show more diversified effects.

Good Load-bearing Performance: The bearing capacity of it is of a high level. Adopting durable 10mm tempered glass, to ensure the bearing capacity of each panel is more than 500-600 kg.

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The last two set magnet dance floor, LET’S GET IT FOR YOUR PARTY! RENT THEM $2000 FOR ONE NIGHT!!

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