Magnetic Led Dance Floors

TP-877 Magnet Wireless 3D Led Dance Floor (2)

3D LED Dance Floor

TP-M878 Tablet Control Magnet Wireless 8 x 8 Pixel Dance Floor (2)

Pixel Dance Floor

TP-876 Magnet Wireless Sensitive Led Dance Floor (2)

Interactive LED Dance Floor

TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy Led Dance Floor (2)

Matte Glossy LED Dance Floor

TP-877B Magnet Wireless Starlit Mirror Dance Floor (2)

Magnet Wireless Starlit Mirror Dance Floor

TP-871 Magic Star Frosted Magnet Led Dance Floor (2)

TP-871 Magic Star Frosted Magnet
Led Dance Floor

1.What Is Magnetic Dance Floor?

A magnetic dance floor refers to a dance floor form where two LED dance floor panels are connected together using the magnetic force of built-in magnets on the dance floor mats. The magnetic dance floor is a new form of dance floor in the LED dance floor market, optimizing the installation process of traditional dance floors with a simplified and innovative installation approach. It has become a popular new product in the LED dance floor market.

magnetic dance floor panel

1.1 What’s the Difference Between a Magnetic Dance Floor and a Traditional Dance Floor?

Installation Method:
Traditional dance floors are usually connected using cables or specialized interlocking structures to establish wireless connectivity.
In contrast, magnetic dance floors streamline the installation process, requiring just a single step for joining. By applying a simple push, the panels effortlessly and seamlessly snap together in a matter of seconds.

Visual Presentation:
Traditional dance floors, made of materials like wood, vinyl, or acrylic, often have a single or two-color pattern, offering a straightforward visual effect.
However, the magnetic dance floor provides a wide range of visual effects. With built-in LED sources, it can display various color transformations, making it ideal for themed and interactive environments.

Using Occasion:
Traditional LED dance floors, like wired ones, are ideal for permanent or one-time installations in venues such as bars, nightclubs, or studios, offering stable connectivity despite the time-consuming installation process.

While magnetic dance floors are highly versatile due to their easy installation, making them suitable for various events like parties, exhibitions, weddings, DJ performances, where frequent assembly and disassembly are required, prioritizing convenience and versatility.

1.2 What Can LED Dance Floor Do for You?

If you are an event rental company or event planner, you can benefit a lot from magnetic dance floor:

(1) Enhance brand image by creating visually appealing venues in a more efficient and impressive manner.
(2) Expand your business scope through the rental of magnetic dance floors.
(3) Benefit from the super easy operational controls, saving significant manpower costs.
(4) Immediately captivate the audience compared to other traditional dance floor effects.
(5) Enjoy the convenience of easy maintenance and repairs, saving time, effort, and costs.
(6) Meet long-term usage requirements with higher quality standards.

2.What’s the Advantages of a Magnetic LED Dance Floor?

2.1 Multiple Styles for Selection

As the pioneer and manufacturer of magnetic LED dance floors, TOP DANCE offers the most comprehensive range of magnetic LED dance floors. This includes pixel dance floors, star dance floors, 3D dance floors, interactive LED dance floors, and various other types of dance floors. We provide different shapes, effects, and control methods, allowing you to choose according to your preferences.

2.2 Multiple Size Options

TOP DANCE’s LED dance floor tiles are available in two sizes: 50x50cm or 60x60cm. We offer sizes that better suit your venue requirements, allowing for a more cost-effective sizing solution.
magnetic dance floor size

2.3 Strong Load Bearing Capacity:

When purchasing TOP DANCE’s LED dance floor, you will experience an extraordinary load bearing capacity. With a super toughened glass surface and a tightly constructed dance floor tile structure, TOP DANCE magnetic dance floors provide superior load bearing capacity. We offer real videos of vehicle rolling for reference.

2.4 A Multitude of Effects:

Not content with simple starlit effects, TOP DANCE has developed a wide variety of effects that can be achieved with their magnetic LED dance floors. For example, they offer mesmerizing 3D effects that create an illusion of depth, interactive effects where the lights respond to footsteps, dynamic pattern effects, and text effects that can convey messages, catering to the diverse needs of various types of events.
application fields of magnetic dance floor

2.5 Reliable Dance Floor Parts:

In addition to outstanding effects, all components and accessories of TOP DANCE dance floors are of top-notch quality.
TOP Dance magnetic dance floor accessories

Power Supply:
To ensure the smooth operation of such a large dance floor, a reliable power supply system is crucial. TOP DANCE has chosen the renowned brand Meanwell Power Supply to guarantee the safety and durability of the dance floor.

Dance Floor Edging:
The dance floor edges of TOP DANCE have been specially designed to provide better anti-slip effects and prevent accidental stepping and falling.

Best LED Lightstrips:
TOP DANCE uses LED light bar strips with an exceptionally long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours to create their magnetic LED dance floors. These high-quality LED light bars ensure precise and dazzling brightness and color for an immersive dance floor experience.

Flight Case Packaging:
In order to provide better protection for the product and to make it more convenient for users during transport, TOP DANCE offers flight case packaging for the dance floor panels of their magnetic LED dance floors. The sturdy material ensures an ideal state for storage and transportation, safeguarding the product effectively.

3.How to Install an Magnetic Dance Floor?

Following the instructions, prepare the necessary accessories and dance floor tiles. Connect the power supply and controller correctly. Assemble the dance floor tiles by joining them together. Turn on the power and test if the lights can illuminate properly. Complete the remaining assembly of the dance floor tiles, including the edges and corners. We will provide you with dedicated videos and instructions, making it easy for you to complete the entire dance floor assembly in no time.

4.How to Control the Magnetic Dance Floor?

Our magnetic LED dance floors are equipped with state-of-the-art control technology, allowing for easy control through a remote control. In addition, they also support tablet control, where you can not only control the playback effects but also design your own preferred effects. Furthermore, we provide the option to set the controller to play pre-set effects for the dance floor.

5.What Is the Right Occasion for Setting the Magnetic Dance Floor?

TOP DANCE primarily caters to companies in the event rental and event planning industries, who buy dance floor tiles for their rental purposes. For example, they utilize the dance floors for party, dance floor for wedding, birthday celebrations, ceremony, anniversary and various other events.

Indeed, TOP DANCE dance floor tiles are not only used as birthday party dance floor for party events but are also considered to be highly atmospheric nightclubs dance floors. They are favored by bar and nightclub owners for creating an immersive experience and setting the right ambiance.

application fields of magnetic dance floor (2)

6.What Size Magnetic Dance Floor Do I Need to Buy for My Event?

The specific size for purchasing should be evaluated based on the size of your venue and the number of participants in the event. However, if you are in the event rental industry, it is recommended to consider buying larger-sized dance floors. This allows you to accommodate a wider range of events without being limited by the size of the dance floor. You can then choose the appropriate size to install based on the specific requirements of each event.
Size for Reference Dancing Together at one time
10 x 10 dance floor 15-20 people
15×15 dance floor 55-60 people
16 x 16 dance floor 65-80 people
18×18 dance floor 75-80 people
20×20 dance floor 105-120 people


TOP DANCE LED Dance Floor Factory

The reason why TOP DANCE confidently claims to be the most trusted LED dance floor manufacturer is not only due to our high-quality LED dance floor for sale but also our reliable production capabilities and excellent service.

With 20 production lines staffed by skilled workers, TOP DANCE ensures the durability and high quality of each product. These experienced workers contribute to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every LED dance floor, guaranteeing exceptional durability and quality.

Testing Area

TOP DANCE has a dedicated testing area of 1000 square meters to ensure better quality testing. Each exported LED dance floor panel undergoes meticulous craftsmanship to ensure the highest level of quality.
TOP DANCE production line and testing area

Worry-Free Service

24/7 Online Communication:
Our professional sales team is available online around the clock to provide you with the LED dance floor solution that best suits your needs.
Dedicated After-Sales Service Team:
Our attentive after-sales service team is ready to provide you with timely assistance and address any questions or concerns you may have. Even if you encounter issues at your event, please give us a call, and we will always be available to offer you the most professional technical support at any time.

In Tight Schedule? How Can I Buy These Magnetic Dance Floors Much Quickly?

We have overseas warehouses in both Los Angeles, USA, and Brussels, Belgium. With our overseas warehouses, you can enjoy fast pickup without the need for additional shipping fees, taxes, or the hassle of filling out cumbersome paperwork. Contact us now to arrange for pickup from our warehouse.