New Item: Starlit Frosted Magnet Dance Floor Of Matte Series

Mar 18, 2021 | Company News

TOP Dance New Matte Series TP-879

After successfully developing the matte series 872, it has been recognized and suggested by many customers in the first month.

Except for fashionable visuals, some customers need simpler and easier panels. Engineers of TOP Dacne spent half a month to make different attempts. Finally, kept the shape of the panel as the original square which installation is the simplest. Then made a special design inside the panel to show the geometry when the panel lights up. The Panels mix matte hazy feeling and the geometric spatial feeling together to support customers a new visual experience. This is the new item TP-879 Starlit Frosted Magnet Dance Floor!

The super cool feature of this new dance floor is that it has very stunning starlit effects.


The effects and control way of TP-879 are same as the Magnet Matte Dance Floor, Starlit Effects, Solid Colors Effects and Simple Pattern Effects control by remote easily, DMX, Computer as well.

Thanks for all of your suggestions for our dance floor, TOP Dance still keep going! We will bring up with more newer and cooler Led dance floor for you in the future. Just keep pay attention on our website. 

See you!


Any question and requirement about led dance floor, welcome to contact Truman:

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