What Occasions Are More Suitable for Using a Wireless Dance Floor or a Wired Dance Floor?

Jul 14, 2023 | Industry News

If you are engaged in the event entertainment industry, event rental industry, or event planning industry, you must be familiar with a popular equipment called the dance floor.

Wired and wireless dance floors have significant differences. In this article, we will carefully analyze the difference between wired and wireless dance floors, presenting the actual experience in practical use, providing buyers with a comprehensive analysis, and helping customers to understand the more suitable dance floor when choosing to buy a dance floor.

What Is a Wired Dance Floor?

Wired dance floor are connected to each other using cable to facilitate power and signal transmission. The cables connecting the dance floor tiles are typically hidden beneath the surface of the tiles to ensure stable power supply and signal transmission without compromising the aesthetic appearance. Once the panels are connected with the cables, they are not easily disconnected.

In order to ensure a better and more stable connection between adjacent dance floor tiles, it is common to use small connectors between every four tiles to help securely fix the four corners of the tiles together.

What Is a Wireless Dance Floor?

A wireless dance floor does not need to be connected by cable. Instead, they utilize alternative methods to transmit signals and power. They always known as portable floor tiles. There are various types of wireless dance floors available. Interlocking dance floor tiles, magnetic dance floors and battery magnetic dance floors are all popular wireless dance floors.

Interlocking dance floor tiles are often acrylic dance floor and feature a secure connection design between the tiles. Once they are assembled, they are less likely to come loose. Signals and power is transmitted through small copper contacts.

TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor

This most typical example is known as LED Starlit Dance Floor. Its LED floor panels are connected by this interlocking mechanism.

Features of Wired and Wireless Dance Floors

Wired Dance Floor:

Wired dance floors offer greater stability as they are connected using cables, ensuring a more stable power supply and signal transmission.
Installation of the tiles can be time-consuming and requires more effort for setting up. Wiring also needs to consider cable length and routing, which may be limited by the available space.
Once the wired dance floor is connected, it is not easy to come loose, achieving a more stable connection. So that the signal current transmission is not affected.

Wireless Dance Floor:

Flexible Setup: Wireless dance floors offer greater flexibility as they do not require cables to connect the dance floor panels for signal and power transmitting. This allows for more flexible installation and is not restricted by the layout of the venue.
Mobility Features: Wireless dance floors are easier to move and install. They are convenient for situations that require frequent changes in the layout or when mobility is a priority.

Actual Using Experience

This is what we learned when we did market research on how customers really feel about using wired and wireless dance floors.

Wired Dance Floor:

Most of the customers who choose this kind of wired dance floor are the owners of some fixed business occasions. This is because they need a dance floor to add attraction to their place of business, thus realizing an increase in turnover. After acquiring these wired dance floors, they will proceed to install them within their business premises, dedicating a specific area for an extended duration. These dance floors will serve as a versatile platform, primarily utilized as a small stage for dancing and various events. They don’t dismantle them when there is no activity, so the wired dance floor has become part of their on-site décor.

3D dance floor

There is also a small part of the event rental customers will choose the wired dance floor as their dance floor, because the wired dance floor is more popular before a kind of dance floor, but they are in the layout of the event site, because they want to use this kind of dance floor, spend a lot of time, but also need to channel in advance to the event site for the layout, but also gradually more inclined to choose the wireless dance floor as the activity of the rental of their equipment.

There is also a small part of the customers that specialize in event rental business will choose the wired dance floor, because the wired dance floor is more popular before, but they are in the layout of the event site, because they want to use this kind of dance floor, spend a lot of time, but also need to channel in advance to the event site for the layout,
When they are setting up the event site, because they have to spend a lot of time on the wired dance floor installation, they need to go to the event site in advance to set it up.

Therefore, this part of the guests, gradually more inclined to choose wireless dance floor as their event rental equipment.

Wireless Dance Floor:
As a new popular trend, wireless dance floors have become even more favored by the event rental industry. This is because of the simple installation method that saves them time. That’s why they have a great experience with wireless dance floors because they don’t need to deploy more manpower to fix it every time they install it.

Applications for Wired and Wireless Dance Floors

Event rental company choose to rent these wireless LED dance floors and use them for various types of events. It doesn’t matter what size is the party, prom, wedding, or some large corporate celebration event, as long as the size of the dance floor is adequate, they will take orders.

Wired dance floors are often used for permanent setups. They are commonly found in venues such as bars, nightclubs, and studios. These establishments often require a dance floor that remains in place for an extended period or indefinitely.

Pixel dance floor

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