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Jun 15, 2021 | Company News

Original R&D Processes of TOP Light Magnet Dance Floor

TOP Dance Led Dance Floor Factory has positioned to only focus on the production of wireless Led dance floor from 2013. We have 7 years of experience in developing and producing wireless led dance floors.

TOP Light Magnet Led Dance Floor R&D Process

TOP Dance was the first factory that worked out and show wireless Led dance floor in LDI SHOW in 2016. Although our wireless Led dance floor can save much more time of installation than wired Led dance floor. The Led wireless dance floor needs different sizes panels to install so it is still a little complicated for customers. Meanwhile, our customers want a simpler and faster Led dance floor to make the installation of the Led floor that use in events much easier.

We know that fast installation is very important for our customers. After LDI SHOW, our boss visited more than 10 customers to see the application and collected their suggestions about the wireless dance floors. Then we communicated with our partner in USA, and decided to upgrade a faster installation Led dance floor ASAP.

Began In 2016


At the end of 2016, our factory successfully worked out magnet Led dance floor with seventimes of seventh attempt. We made it in new steel and tempered glass materials. The size of  each panel is 50x50cm. Use magnets and our lock system to connect the panels. Because of magnetic connection, the whole set dance floor needs external power supply to operate. Then we began to explore control methods and test the magnet dance floor. 

Explored In 2017


As we know, the external power supply is not as stable as the Built-in power supply. During the process, the power supply got a big problem because we used old power supply which is normally used for every stage lights. Due to unstable power supply, when the magnet dance floor run for some times, the power supply shorted circuit and broke the panels. 


Because we have a large number of orders, Meanwell Power Supply Company provides us with improved technology for floor tiles. After a series of reserches and testing, our factory finally decided to use Meanwell power supply in February 2017. (https://www.meanwell.com/)Finally, we solved the power supply problem for magnet led dance floor.


After solving the problem of power supply, we continued to research the control methods of the dance floor, and wanted to do more effects and make it easier for customers to control on their events. So that our engineers developed a controller that is only suitable for our floor tiles, and can be easily controlled by remote control. 

Showed in September 2017


After 3 months testing, our magnet Led dance floor got no any problem. In July 2017, we shipped Magnet Led Dance Floor to UK to show on PLAZA SHOW. And we are the first factory that worked out magnet dance floor and launched at the show. The new magnet Led dance floor amazed customers on the show and got market feedback. Then our factory started mass production at the end of 2017.

Promoted in 2018


As a new product in Led dance floor market, TOP Dance promoted one of magnet led dance floors—3D Mirror&matte Magnet Dance Floor and showed it on 2018 GET SHOW. Most of customers in GET SHOW liked this new dance floor. Then it bacame to the most popular dance floor in our factory and even in event industry.

In November 2018, we attended in NAMM SHOW to show Magnet Led Dance Floor. We got the feedback from customers about that they want to buy the dance floor locally. TOP Dance developed a showroom and warehouse with USA partner in Los Angeles, to support our customers to check the magnet dance floors before purchased and make convenient for customers. Because they do not need to import from China and they just pick up in warehouse directly

Progress in 2019


Regular and new customers said they wanted to type words on the floor at the party. In 2019, we became the fist factory to work out IPad control system for Magnet Digital Dance Floor. IPad Control let customers to change the effects, type the name of the bride and groom on the floor at any time during the parties easily.

In November 2019, TOP Dance attended in LDI SHOW again. All we showed in LDI SHOW were Magnet Dance Floors, including Magnet Digital Dance Floor,Magnet Interactive Dance Floor and New Magnet 3D Mirror Starlit Dance Floor. These new Magnet Dance Floors shocked the old customers and got a lot of praise from new customers! 

TOP Light always keep innovative and professional.


Trust us, Trust pofessional, Trust Original! 


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