230W Beam Light

  • Multiple Vibrant Colors
  • Fast Heat Dissipation
  • Amazing High Brightness
  • Extended 3 Year Warranty
beam light effects

The 230W beam light is a type of stage lighting fixture that, when illuminated, produces high brightness and offers adjustable color and brightness for the light beam. With multiple color options, it achieves a dramatic and stunning visual effect. It is commonly used in stage lighting for performances and shows, presenting captivating, superior, and dazzling lighting effects.

Advantages of 230W Beam Light

Multi- color and Light Effects

With 14 colors and various effects, it achieves a vibrant and colorful stage effect, directing the audience’s gaze better onto the stage, adding depth to performances and presentations.

beam light

High-quality LED Source

An exceptionally long lamp life, the beam led light employing premium Philips light sources, with a lifespan of 1500 hours. This minimizes maintenance and replacement costs.

Easy to Use

The setting up and usage are extremely simple. With DMX 512, master-slave or automatic control, it’s user-friendly and easy to operate, facilitating quicker on-site setup and achieving efficient control.

DMX control

12 Months Warranty

A 3-year extended warranty provides you with added assurance for your purchase, while our 24/7 customer service offers expert assistance, delivering professional technical knowledge to address any inquiries regarding beam light.


Voltage AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Total power 300W
Ballast electronic ballast
Light Bulb High Brightness 7R 230W

Color temperature


Average life span



With 14 colors + white light, rainbow effect


With 17 fixed pattern pieces + blank


Rotate 8/16 prism, can rotate bidirectional

Soft light effect

The spot Angle of soft light can be adjusted


linear focus Dimming: 0 linear adjustment

Scanning range

X axis 540 degrees, Y axis 270 degrees

Beam Angle

Parallel beam Angle: 0-2.3°


Duplex stroboscopic (0.5-9 times/second)

Control mode

international standard DMX512 channels Number: 16/20 channels
Other functions: remote control bulb switch function, display lamps, bulbs

Product Structure

Product Size

With a more compact size of 40*32*52cm and an ultra-lightweight design of only 17.5kg, it offers convenient transportation and installation.

size of 230w beam light

Color Selection

There are two colors available for selection, black and white, offering flexible adaptation to various occasions’ requirements and better alignment with themes or settings.

Professional Design of 230W Beam Light

Coated Lens

Utilizing high-transmission coated lenses, dual-coated toughened lenses, and an improved high-transmission optical structure, to improve light transmission and reflectivity, making the image and lighting effects clearer and sharper, improve the clarity and comfort of viewing, maintaining their high-definition image quality more effectively, without distortion due to high temperatures.

beam light lens


This 230w beam light offers better rotation fetures, boasting a rotation angle of 540° horizontally and 270° vertically. This allows for wider coverage and a seamless integration of effects, colors, and the surroundings or scene, resulting in an enhanced visual experience and scene layout design.

rotating angle

Wide Effects Coverage

The 230W beam light can not only possessing extremely high brightness, but also featuring a broader illumination area with extended coverage. The light beam is sharp, resulting in vivid visual effects.

Heat Dissipation

TOP DANCE 230w 7r beam moving head with excellent heat dissipation performance effectively dissipates the generated heat, maintains the stability of the light source, ensures the brightness of the light, improves efficiency, reduces safety risks, and extends the service life.

High Speed Chip

Advanced chips ensure rapid effect rendering and transitions, as well as quicker rotational movement. Simultaneously, these advanced chips guarantee an extended lifespan, crafting a top-tier, highly durable beam light. It provide better interference prevention, anti-cross frequency interference, and improved, more advanced signal connectivity.

Effects of 230W Beam Light

Solid Colors

Equipped with 14 colors, pure white , adjustable for semi-color effects or rainbow effects, and more abundant color gamut, resulting in more vibrant and colorful effects of light, achieving a more vivid beam color.

Atomization Effect

The dreamy atomization effect creates a more enchanting and romantic atmosphere, enveloping the entire stage or event venue. It generates a hazy visual effect, adding a touch of mystique.

Pattern Effects

Nine rotating patterns, along with fifteen fixed patterns, present a more diverse and unique splendid display, creating an unparalleled visual experience to meet the usage demands of various occasions.

Prism Effect

16 types of prisms combined with 8 types of double prisms allow for stacked rotating functionality, 0-100% mechanical dimming, achieving an incomparable high-quality and clear effect. The unique and marvelous prism infuses lighting effects with intriguing elements, enhancing the light’s presentation and lending the scene a more creative and distinctive appearance.

Effects of beam light (2)

How to Control the 230w Beam Light

16 types of international standard DMX512 channel modes are available to achieve more flexible and efficient control. In addition, it can also realize control methods such as master-slave, self-propelled, and sound-activated, enabling a variety of control options for simpler control operations.

Application Fields of 230W Beam Light

The application scope of the 230W beam light is exceedingly broad, spanning various types of performances, concerts, theaters, stage shows, fashion shows, DJ events, nightclub venues, as well as setups for weddings, corporate gatherings, parties, and even exhibitions or exhibition halls for illumination.

Effects of beam light (3)


The more professional packaging method provides better protection for the 230W beam light, with each flight case capable of accommodating two beam lights. The material is highly durable, offering improved resistance against impacts, dust, and moisture. This is an optimal storage solution that also facilitates transportation.
230w beam light packing

Why Choose TOP DANCE?

Professional certification proved
11 years of industry experience
Pick-up from LA, Belgium Warehouse
Extended 3 year warranty


1. Do you have other styles of beam lights available?

In addition to the 230W beam light, we also offer the 280W beam light and the 295W beam light. These are our best-selling products and have received positive feedback from a wide range of customers.

2. Are there any customer reviews for your beam lights?

Definitely, you can reach us through WhatsApp or email, and we will send you more customer feedback photos or videos.

3. Are your beam lights energy-efficient?

Yes, our beam lights are highly energy-efficient and capable of presenting impressive and vibrant beam effects.

4. Can I rent your beam lights for temporary events?

Sorry, we do not provide rental services, only purchasing options. However, as a China beam light supplier, our high-quality factory-priced beam lights will surely make your purchasing experience worthwhile.