280W Beam LED Light

  • Vibrant RGB Colors
  • Energy-saving Features
  • Stunning Brightness
  • Super Long 3-year Warranty
beam led light
The 280w beam led light is a common lighting device frequently used in stages, performances, runways, live shows, and a variety of events including weddings, parties, DJ activities, and collaborative gatherings. With its changing colors, it creates a vivid visual allure, adding a captivating charm to the scene.

Advantages of 280W Beam LED Light


The beam light creates a visually captivating focal point, utilizing changing light colors, dazzling light prism effects, and rotating beams to present a dynamic visual effect. This focal point captures attention, delivering a rich visual experience.
beam led light effects

Light up the Event Vibe

To set up a 280W beam light injects a powerful sense of visual experience into the live setting, presenting a rich array of colors and effects. This directs the attention of the entire venue or event towards the illuminated area, creating a three-dimensional atmosphere and visual enhancement.

Superior Longevity

With more advanced chips, it achieves better performance display, high-quality coated lenses, outstanding LED source and exceptional product quality, ensuring the product’s long-lasting durability.


By employing advanced energy-saving technology, 280w beam LED lights ensure efficient operation while minimizing energy consumption to the maximum extent, offering products that contribute to energy conservation.


Light source power 280W
Rated power 420W (high efficiency and reliable switching power supply)
Power supply high efficiency and reliable switching power supply
Color plate a color plate, each color plate consists of 14 color plates + white light
Pattern plate 14 pattern effects, 9 rotating pattern effects
Effect wheel one rotatable 8-prism and one 6-sided array mirror
Dimming 0-100% electronic dimming
  The beam Angle can be adjusted in a large range

support mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable stroboscopic effect, support stroboscopic macro function;

Lens group optical system, electric focus, beam Angle 3.8°-45° linear adjustable;

The photoelectric reset system can automatically retrieve and reset when accidental misoperation occurs;

Horizontal 540°, resolution 8Bit/16Bit;

Vertical 270°, resolution 8Bit/16Bit;

Overheat protection;

Control model DMX512/ master-slave/automatic
Protection grade IP20
Size 365*256*589mm
Net weight 16.5kg

Product Size

With a more compact and convenient size of 365*256*589mm and an ultra-lightweight of 16.5kg, the smaller dimensions and lighter weight make installation more convenient.
beam light size

Advanced Design of 280W Beam LED Light

Professional Lens Design

Enhanced lens coating results in improved light presentation, creating high-definition imagery and captivating illumination, to achieve superior lighting display effects.
beam light lens

Rotation Angle

With an enhanced rotation function, this beam LED light features a rotation angle of horizontal 540°and vertical 270°, achieving broader coverage and seamlessly integrating effects, colors, and the environment or scene. This creates a superior visual experience and contributes to scene layout design.
rotating angle

Better Heat Dissipation

In order to achieve high-efficiency operation and ensure endurance and durability for prolonged use, the 280W beam LED lights feature an improved and faster heat dissipation system. This allows for enhanced performance and longevity.

IC Chip

Higher quality and advanced IC chips enable superior performance display, not only facilitating easier operation to create stunning effects but also ensuring the long-term use of the beam light. There’s no need to worry about the strain caused by frequent use, as it is built to last, minimizing maintenance costs.

Dramatic and Dynamic Effects

High Brightness

Utilizing premium light source materials, it achieves high brightness, capable of producing stunning and vivid beams regardless of the lighting conditions. With its distinct brightness, it can immediately capture attention from audiences or guests.

Striking Colors

Known as an RGB beam light, it can present 14 colors with an extensive color range. Whether your event or scene calls for a mystical ambiance, themed performance, parties, weddings – the 280W beam LED light adapts seamlessly. For weddings, the moving light beam offers romantic pink, purple, or white lighting; for parties and DJ events, vibrant green; and for dynamic live performances, it transitions through an array of colors, meeting all requirements.

Splendid Prism Effects

In addition to colors, this moving head led beam can achieve a more diverse colorful prism effect, enriching the illuminated area with patterned beam effects and creating a more splendid visual impact. The presented crystal-like prism effect and multiple patterns create a stunning visual spectacle and a delightful performance experience for the audience.

Control Method

280W Beam LED Light can be controlled through DMX512, Master-Slave, or Automatic modes. Super easy to operate the effects and brightness switching.
DMX control

Using Scenario

This type of beam LED light is suitable for various scenarios. It can be used as the stage beam light, in thrilling live performances such as concerts, music festivals, and theatrical shows. It’s also fitting for large-scale events or private parties like weddings, birthdays, graduations, celebrations etc. Moreover, it also known as beam bar light, it can also be found in settings like bars, nightclubs, and banquet halls, enhancing the overall atmosphere and drawing the audience’s attention to the illuminated area.


With a professional flight case design, it ensures better packaging and protection of the product. During transportation, the case’s wheeled design eases the transportation process, ensuring smooth transit. Additionally, the flight case case features enhanced waterproof and impact-resistant properties, ensuring superior product protection.

Why Choose TOP DANCE?

TOP DANCE has accumulated over a decade of experience in stage lighting, possessing refined technical expertise, a professional production process, and a stringent quality inspection system. Every batch of products delivered to our customers is of top-notch quality. With a dedicated production line and specialized testing area, coupled with CE certification guarantees, we ensure a reassuring purchasing experience for you.


1. How long is the warranty period you provide?

We offer an extended warranty period of 3 year. If you require assistance during usage, we will provide you with immediate after-sales technical support.

2. Is this beam light energy-efficient?

Yes, TOP DANCE beam light is designed to be more energy-efficient. And it can be more efficient for using.

3. Do your products have CE and RoHS certifications?

Yes, every single one of our Beam lights is certified with CE and RoHS certificates, ensuring excellent quality and peace of mind in usage.

4. How can I get this product as quickly as possible?

We have warehouses in both LA and Belgium. You can pick up the product directly from the warehouse, saving shipping time and avoiding complex paperwork. This is the fastest way to purchase this product.