Battery Powered Uplight

  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Supports DMX, sound, remote, app control
  • Super brightness, multiple colors
  • Fast charging, 15-hour continuous use

User-centric Design

Compact and Portable Appearance

Compact and Portable Appearance

Compact and lightweight with a handle for easy portability, this design of this battery operated uplighting allows for effortless movement and placement. Grab and use it without any hassle.

Flexible Angle Adjusting

Flexible Angle Adjusting

The design of battery uplighting includes a support pole at the bottom, allowing for easy adjustment of the angle to meet specific setup needs for any event.

Exceptional Brightness with 6 Lights

Exceptional Brightness with 6 Lights

Features six lights to ensure higher brightness, crafted from high-quality sources for durability, offering over 100,000 hours of extended use.

Dynamic and Versatile Lighting Modes

This battery powered uplighting boasts ultra-high brightness, more saturated colors, and superior effects. Enjoy modes include static color, color jumping, color mixing, sound activation, color fade, strobe, auto-play, and master-slave. Customize hues directly via the onboard LED display to achieve exceptionally smooth color transitions.

Diverse and Creative Installation Methods

Advanced wireless design presents an easier installation method. It’s convenient to set up anywhere at the venue and can be moved easily. Offering a plethora of installation options, and can be vertically mounted on the ground, laid sideways, or even suspended. The angle and placement are fully adjustable to cater to the demands of various intricate setups.

Battery Powered Uplight Installation Methods (2)
Battery Powered Uplight Installation Methods (1)

Support Charging for Ultra-Convenience

A 6-8 hour charge provides up to 15 hours of continuous use, ensuring extended battery life suitable for various types of events. The system features quick charging in a return flight case, which allows for charging during regular storage and packing procedures, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Streamlined Control Method

TOP DANCE battery uplighters supports multiple control methods, including precise, professional DMX control, dynamic sound activation, wireless remote, and app control for convenient and quick operation. Meets the unique requirements of various occasions, liberating control methods from the constraints of equipment and venue.

Wide Application Field

TOP DANCE battery powered uplight is mobile and versatile, unrestricted by location, making it widely applicable. It can be used in clubs, corporate events, performances, fashion runways, car shows, bars, stage platforms, exhibitions, weddings, parties, various celebratory ceremonies, plazas, gardens, lawns, playgrounds, stadiums, art installations, streets, showrooms, and more.

Wide Application Field

More Robust Packaging Design

The rechargeable flight case serves as the packaging for the TOP DANCE battery operated uplight. Simply connect the wires correctly to charge. Designed with bottom wheels for effortless movement, it also boasts enhanced protection against moisture, impact, and dust. This ensures better storage and safeguards the products from collisions during transit. Each flight case can hold up to eight battery uplights.

Why Choose TOP DANCE Wirless Battery Powered Uplight?

12 Years Industry-Leading Factory

Equipped with the latest in lighting technology, each battery uplights for sale is precision-engineered for reliability and performance, setting industry standards in efficiency and innovation.

24/7 After-Sales Service

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock. Whether you have a query or encounter an issue, we provide prompt and effective solutions.

Los Angeles Warehouse

Located strategically in Los Angeles, our warehouse enables quick and easy access to TOP DANCE products. Enjoy fast delivery and convenient pick-up options.

Three-Year Warranty

Rest easy with a comprehensive three-year warranty on all TOP DANCE uplights. Better ensuring your investment remains safeguarded over time.