TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy Led Dance Floor

  • Quick installation
  • Magnetic System
  • Eye-catching Effects
  • Multiple Control Methods
  • High-quality Material
The TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy LED Dance Floor is an easy installing LED dance floor that provides a great experience for dancers or other event holders.The easy installation method and multiple effects make it ideal for weddings, clubs, birthday, car show, outdoor activities, and other commercial venues.In TOP DANCE, the TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy Led Dance Floor a hot selling product in compliance with CE, ROHS, and sell to countries worldwide, we are ready in 24h to introduce you the awesome effect of it, welcome to contact us.

Product Advantages

  • Fast Installation:

The dance floor is adopted with magnetic system. Turn on the switch, to experience one piece installation in only one second. All the installation can be completed in only 8 minutes!

  • Advanced Control Methods:

It supports remote control, DMX control and computer control. You can freely select alternative colors, styles and other effects by using the attached remote control.

  • Alternative Surface:

This floor tile provides two kinds of surfaces, including mirror surface and matte surface, to better meet the needs of different venues, and the combination of both can show more diversified effects.

  • Creative Effects:

The LED dance floor is lit by mix RGB effects, solid colors, starlit effects,3D mirror effect etc. Bring your party to life with cool light shows right beneath your feet.

  • Power Saving:

The panel power is 20 watts, which is more power-saving.

  • Excellent Stability:

Ensure stable performance, long lifespan, stable signal and power supply, even for long time use.

  • Good Load-bearing Performance:

The bearing capacity of it is of a high level. Adopting durable 10mm tempered glass, to ensure the bearing capacity of each panel is more than 500-600 kg.


Production Name 3D Mirror&Matte Magnet Dance Floor
Model TP-877A
Panel size 50cmx50cmx7cm
Panel weight 8.5kg
Surface Material 10mm Tempered glass
Buttom Material Plastic Case, ABS
Waterproof index:  IP53
Light source:  SMD5050, RGB ,64pcs
Panel Power 20W
Panel Voltage 24V
Panel Electric Current 0.83A
Working life hours 50000hrs
Working Temperature -50℃- 60℃
Connection Way Magnetic Connection
Functions Solid colors, Mix RGB Effects,Starlit Effect
Control Way Remote,Computer, DMX,Controller

Product Description

Durable Material:

Light weight:

It has a weight of 8.5 kilograms and a thickness of 7cm, which is thinner and lighter than other suppliers. The light weight and size of the panel is better for rental business.

Personalized customization:

The size of the panel is 50cmx50cmx7cm. We can provide customization according to your needs.

Professional Design:

Load bearing:

The surface of the dance floor is fully covered with strong 10mm tempered glass, which can bear 500kg-600kg. The tempered glass that is impact resistance and is extremely durable. It can bear heavy load, even if you drive on it, it will not break easily.

Edge design:

It is equipped with a newly upgraded edge design to better prevent slipping and falling.

Easy to set-up

Fast and convenient installation:

It adopts with a magnetic system, with 18 built-in magnets in each panel, which make it possible to achieve the one-second installation. The excellent performance of the panels and the advanced magnetic system that allow for quickly and easily install and take down. Also, more magnets in the panels present a better performan ce in stability of signal connecting and power passing.

Less time and labor costs:

This wireless or non cable installation system greatly saves time and labor costs. It’s easy to install with several people in only a few minutes. No matter it is a neighbourhood party or a big performance stage, it’s no need for hire a large amount of people to do the set-up work.

Operation manual :

Accurate operation manual and video are provided, to help customers successfully complete installation tasks.

Excellent Control System:

Multiple control methods:

The dance floor supports three different types of control mode, including the remote control, DMX control and computer control.

The functions of the control system:

These multiple control systems make it more convenient and much easier to change the patterns and colors. The included remote controller with 12 buttons make it easy for selecting the color, pattern, and controlling the presentation of the effects. It will easily and quickly display the cool and attractive effects to catch people’s eyes.

Multiple Colors and effects:

Brightness and quantity of the light:

It contains 64 lamp beads which can better promise the brightness of the effect.

Various color ranges and effects:

The panel is able to display a wide ranges of patterns and flash, such as solid color, starlit effect, and Mix RGB effects, which can better adapt to different scenes and events.

Starlit effect:

To create more diversified scene settings, the R&D team developed this new special model with 30 kinds of starlit effect, which can not only change the speed, color, brightness, but also different styles. To make it suitable for the events like party and different shows.

Solid color:

It can present 7 colors, including yellow, red, green, blue, purple, pink and white. It can not only change colors and adjust the brightness, but also present stroboscopic effect. This classic solid color effect is suitable for car show and exhibition.

Mix RGB effect:

The mix RGB effect is a cool and dynamic effect. It can present a dynamic stage effect and create an unique atmosphere. The mix RGB effect is suitable for the events like performance stage and various kinds of shows.

3D Infinity effect:

It can present the wonderful 3D infinity effect. This effect is a very popular one. The unique 3D visual design presents high-end and unique stage effects and creates a modern and fashionable visual experience. With these merits, it can be widely use in many events, such as the car show, bar, exhibition decorations, birthday events and so on.

Application Fields

It can be used for cutting edge night clubs, dance clubs, corporate events, trade shows (for attracting attention), fashion runways, car shows, bar, stage platforms, drum and percussion platforms, exhibitions, weddings, parties, all kinds of celebration ceremonies and residential settings.



A traditional method for LED dance floor packing, which is suitable for permanent installation.

Flight case:

A better method for LED dance floor packing. It’s easy for staff of the event to move the whole set of the product and protect the product inside.


  • The Led dance floor, controller, power supply, corner, edges, wire edge,remote are included.
  • Spare parts included.
  • 8pcs in one flight case. /2 pcs in one carton.
  • 1488pcs in one 40 FT container. (Long:12.033m Wide:2.352m)

Advantages of flight case packing:

  • The appearance of the flight case is more beautiful and the weight is lighter.
  • The design of the flight case is professional, so the products in the case will not be damaged during transportation.
  • The excellent material of the flight case has the characteristics of waterproof, shock proof and moisture-proof.
  • The flight case is strong sealing and oxidation resistance.
  • The flight case is solid, relatively anti-collision, and has good resistance to external forces.
  • The service life of the flight case is longer, generally 2~3 times that of the ordinary box.
  • The bottom of the flight case has strong bearing capacity and can bear heavy weight.

10 years of Factory Production Experience

We have our own production plant, which covers an area of 3200 square meters, including a complete workshop, testing area, warehouse and exhibition room. It has more than 20 production lines for led dance floors manufacturing and more than 50 professional workers work for it every day.
The factory have 10 year experience in LED dance floor and LED walls products manufacturing, which has provided more than 100000 LED floors and LED walls for the event industry. The production technology is advanced and the production level is efficient.

Professional Testing Area

The professional testing area is more than 1000 square meters , which can test 1500pcs panels at one time, provide 3 times install testing for each panel, provide more than 72 hours testing for each panel and show different programs on floor for customers to choose.


Contact us:

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. 24-hour online communication service is available. The sales department is always ready to answer any questions for you. Press “Contact us” to get further information. Or you can leave the detail messages by pressing “Get a quote”. Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

Performance in the global market:

We have rich industry experience and constantly provide high-quality products and services to numerous countries and regions. Our product have an excellent performance in overseas market,including the USA, Chile, Canada, Europe, the UK, South Africa and so on. Especially in the United States, our products occupies more than half of the U.S. market. We have cooperated with well-known enterprises such as Google, Twitter and lots of big MV companies.

Warehouse in the USA:

The company has warehouses in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the US, which is convenient for transportation, enabling customers to obtain products more quickly after placing orders. Customers can visit the warehouse and check the samples on site. It’s no need for paperwork, sea freight and taxes.

After-sales service:

If you have any questions, you can contact our after-sales team at any time. Our professional team will reply to your question in time and provide you with a satisfactory solutions.


We provide three-year warranty for all products. Effectively protect the rights of customers and present a better after-sales service.

Qualification certificate:

It is in compliance with CE, ROHS. It is certified that the LED dance floor is safe to use and thereby it can be sold to overseas.