Indoor/Outdoor P2.5 Led Screen Wall

  • Strict Quality Tests
  • Lighter and Thinner
  • Great Display Performance
  • Anti-moisture Coating
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Indoor Outdoor P2.5 Led Screen allows a wide and smooth view of digital content. The available pitch 2.5mm, which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. This series is available to meet the needs of customers that looking for the high-resolution LED displays, but who still want to have the advantages of flexible application which Indoor Outdoor P2.5 Led Screen can fulfill with. It is suitable for a host of environments including retail, entertainment, hospitality, transportation, public, and corporate spaces etc.
P2.5 LED Screen Wall

Product Advantages

  • Great Visual Performance:

With great HD resolution, high refresh rate, great brightness the Led screen can provide a vivid image and great visual performance and present a better visual experience.

  • Quick Installation:

It adopt with professional modular design which can ensure a easy and quick installation for less time saving and labor costs.

  • Lighter and Thinner:

With thickness that less than 80mm, and the weight of 12kg, the Led screen has a more professional weight design than other suppliers.

  • Strict Quality Tests:

1000SQM professional testing area that provide with strict tests process, including the test of Led source, connection stability and effects presenting to ensure the better product performance.

  • Reliable Quality:

With over mature experience, we have been providing professional LED screen solutions. The R&D team of highly experienced engineers specifies, develops and manufactures our LED displays with software of the highest standards.

  • Efficient and Flexible Installation:

It supports various installation methods, which making it adaptable to rental business, indoors or outdoors venues like the shopping mall, exhibition, advertising wall of airport or subway, different kinds of show, LED walls and perimeter displays in stadium, broadcasting studio, museum, hotel, outdoor digital billboard, rooftop screen and so on.

  • Excellent Stability:

With an independent power box that contains a larger power capacity, to ensure more stable connection and signal.


Model No. TP-P2.5(Indoor) TP-P2.5(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch 2.5mm 2.5mm
Led Source SMD2020 SMD3535
Physical Density 160000pixel/㎡ 160000pixel/㎡
Brightness 800-1200nits 2500-3500nits
Panel Resolution 200*400pixel 200*400pixel
Cabinet Weight 12.8kg/28.2Ib
Cabinet Size 500mm×1000mm 500mm×1000mm
19.7″×39.4″ 19.7″×39.4″
Cabinet Material Die-casting aluminium Die-casting aluminium
Max Power Consumption ≦800w/㎡
Ave Power Consumption ≦400w/㎡
Power Supply Spec 5A/40A 5A/40A
Refresh Rate 1920HZ/3840HZ
Gray Scale 14-16bit
IP Rating IP30 IP65
Max Stacking/Hanging 10m/10m
Lifetime 50,000 hrs
Viewing Angle H:160º V:140º


Excellent Source of LEDs:

It adopt high-quality LED with the working life hours that can last for 50000 hours, which can provide a more stable and reliable view display and better quality performance with a higher level. And make it an wise choice for long-term use.

Light weight design:

Thickness less than 80mm, 12 kg (500*1000) /7kg (500*500) per set, light as cicada’s wing, more convenient to be installed and shipped.

Easier Installation:

Save time and labor costs:

The vertical locking system and modular design enables fast and simple installation with less labor, with the ultimate security and pixel protection. It avoid the complicated setting process. Therefore, it’s no need to hire a bunch of people for the set up task. Also, it would save more time to install which can better promise the normal use of the events.

Operation manual: Accurate operation manual and installing video are available, to help customers successfully complete installation tasks. What’s more, you can ask for after sales service if you get any problems of installation of the products.

Visual Effect:

Clearer Visual Effect:

This P2.5 Led screen supports advanced display technology, stable and clearly presenting high -quality video or image that suit for various kinds of venues.

High Gray Scale:

Provide high color reproduction and high contrast performance, outstanding color for better visual performance to bring the audience a better visual enjoyment.
saturated color

High Refresh Rate:

Excellent drive design with professional driving, The high refresh rate of P2.5 Led screen is up to 3840HZ, which can show better videos and clearer images that without scan lines and presenting superior performance.
refresh rate

Multiple Presenting Mode:

Four types of picture presenting are available, including full screen display, single screen display, image roaming, anisotropic splicing, which can present a dynamic and infectious visual effects, making audience comfortable for a long time watching.
Installation Mode

Suitable for Both Outdoors & Indoors

The screen can be perfectly adapted to indoor and outdoor occasions, and can provide incomparable gray scale effect and the brightness presents with little interference of the light or darkness. The image and video can be clearly seen in even under the Sun. Sprayed with conformal coating to provide higher protection against external moisture and corrosion.

Front and Rear Maintenance:

The convenient and efficient front and rear maintenance can avoid the damage of Led source during the process of disassembly.

Higher Pixel Density:

With higher pixel density, it is a Led screen with better view performance among kinds of Led screens, presenting more vivid visual performance, more clear images, and more competitive prices.

Installation Mode:

Various Installation Methods:

Wall installation, cabinet installation, bracket installation and truss hanging set-up are available, which is suitable for rental business and the shopping mall, exhibition, advertising wall of airport or subway, different kinds of show, LED walls and perimeter displays in stadium, broadcasting studio, museum, hotel, outdoor digital billboard, rooftop screen etc.

Interlaced Connection:

Panel of 640*480mm,1000*1000mm and 500*500mm size are available. They can be mixed and spliced up and down to achieve more creativity.

Control Method:

Computer control and phone control are available, provide with a more convenient and advanced control method with quick switching image or video display. The effects or video can be switch and play without any delay.

Application Fields

We have cooperated with well-known enterprises such as Google, Twitter and lots of big MV companies. It can also be use for the rental business, shopping mall, exhibition, advertising wall of airport or subway, different kinds of show, LED walls and perimeter displays in stadium, broadcasting studio, museum, hotel, outdoor digital billboard, rooftop screen and so on.
application field



A traditional method for LED dance screen packing, which is suitable for permanent installation.

Flight case:

We use flight case as the product packing. A better method for LED screen packing. It’s easy for staff of the event to move and protect the whole set of product.


  • 6pcs cabinets Led screen packed in flight case. / 6pcs cabinets Led screen packed in carton.
  • Controller, insatllation cables are included.
  • Spare parts included.
  • Cable: We offers a range of durable and professional cables to connect your LED panels safely and trouble free. These professional cables offer easy, durable and safe connection.
Advantages of flight case packing:
  • The appearance of the flight case is more beautiful and the weight is lighter.
  • The design of the flight case is professional, so the products in the case will not be damaged during transportation.
  • The excellent material of the flight case has the characteristics of waterproof, shock proof and moisture-proof.
  • The flight case is strong sealing and oxidation resistance.
  • The flight case is solid, relatively anti-collision, and has good resistance to external forces.
  • The service life of the flight case is longer, generally 2~3 times that of the ordinary box.
  • The bottom of the flight case has strong bearing capacity and can bear heavy weight.
flight case packing

10 years of Factory Production Experience

We have our own production plant, which covers an area of 3200 square meters, including a complete workshop, testing area, warehouse and exhibition room.It has more than 20 production lines for LED screens manufacturing and more than 50 professional workers work for LED screens every day.

The factory have 10 year experience in LED screen and LED dance floor products manufacturing, which has provided more than 100000 LED screens and LED dance floors for the event industry. The production technology is advanced and the production level is efficient.

TOP DANCE factory

Professional Testing Area

The professional testing area is more than 1000 square meters , which can test 1500pcs panels at one time, provide 3 times re- install testing for each panel, provide more than 72 hours testing for each panel and show different programs on floor for customers to choose.

The product will pass three strict installation tests, including lamp beads, connection stability and whether the effect is normal.

testing area


Contact us:

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. 24-hour online communication service is available. The sales department is always ready to answer any questions for you. Press “Contact us” to get further information. Or you can leave the detail messages by pressing “Get a quote”. Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

Performance in the global market:

We have rich industry experience and constantly provide high-quality products and services to numerous countries and regions. Our products have an excellent performance in overseas market,including the USA, Chile, Canada, Europe, the UK, South Africa and so on. Especially in the United States, our products occupies more than half of the U.S. market.

Warehouse in the USA:

The company has warehouses in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the US, which is convenient for transportation, enabling customers to obtain products more quickly after placing orders. Customers can visit the warehouse and check the samples on site. It’s no need for paperwork, sea freight and taxes.

After-sales service:

If you have any questions, you can contact our after-sales team at any time. Our professional team will reply to your question in time and provide you with a satisfactory solutions.


We provide 3-year warranty for all products. Effectively protect the rights of customers and present a better after-sales service.

Qualification certificate:

It is in compliance with CE, ROHS. It is certified that the LED screen display is safe to use and thereby it can be sold to overseas.