Sparkle Machine

  • Indoor& Outdoor Use
  • Sparks Can Reach Up to 5 m
  • Safe and No Odor
  • Eye-catching Spark Effect Shows
  • Wireless Control Method
To experience the breathe taking sparkle display. This cold sparkle machine is safe to touch and will not cause any harm to the venue. Control the output for optimal timing. Put it into your event production, and you will get amazing performances!

Product Advantages

  • Eye-catching Effect:

This cold sparkle machine can present gorgeous effects, instantly ignite the atmosphere of the stage or activities, and give the audience a visual experience of excitement and surprise.

  • 4 minutes Heat:

The cold spark machine can be heated to the operating temperature in about 4 minutes to provide a fascinating sparkle fountain show.

  • Higher Spraying Height:

The spraying height is up to 5 meters, which can create a better scene atmosphere and present more wonderful visual performance.

  • Safe to Use:

With low temperature and no flame, and it is touchable and safe. The operation is free of unpleasant gas, so that guests or audiences can have a better viewing experience.

  • Convenient Control Method:

With the intelligent DMX512 system of the cold spark machine, you can use a remote controller to achieve one-time convenient control.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use:

The sparkle machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor use; it is commonly used on different occasions, such as ceremonies, weddings, parties, shows, concerts, clubs, etc.


Input voltage 110V, 220V 50/60Hz
Power 1000W /1200W
Control mode DMX 512&wireless remote control
Consumptive material Composite Ti
Fall height 1-5m,adjustable by DMX512
Dimension 200 x 200 x 180mm
Packing size 320 x 320 x 300mm
Net weight 8.5KG

Product Description

Professional Design:


Three types are available for selection, hanging cold sparkle machine, moving head cold sparkle machine and the vertical type cold sparkle machine. To make it better applicable to various occasions and events.

Fast Heat:

Spark in only 4 minutes, less heat time, it is no need to wait for a long time.
Sparkle Machine (2)


The effect also produces virtually no smoke, and leaves no foul odor in the air, which is much safer and healthier to use, making this a great effect for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, the sparkle is save to touch. It would not get anybody hurt at the scene.
Sparkle Machine (3)

Appearance Colors:

Two colors(black and white) can be selected, which can better adapt to the atmosphere of various activities or occasions.

Temperature Display Design:

It can display specific temperature changes, making use more reassuring and safer.

Handle Design:

It is convenient for users to move better, convenient for equipment layout, and easier to carry.
cold sparkle machines (1).jpg

Durable Material:

It has perfect performance because of its collision resistant metal material, light weight, more solid shell, anti collision, not easy to deform, more durable and easy to carry and safe use.

Convenient Control Method:

Remote control, make it much more convenient to control the output of the sparkle, to present a stable output and switch effect on time.

Stable Connection:

It can provide more stable signal and power connection, and maintain continuous and stable output.

Indoor & Outdoor Use:

The spark machine is suitable for personal or commercial use. it is commonly used on different occasions, such as ceremonies, weddings, parties, Disco, events, celebrations, opening/ending ceremony, concerts, clubs, etc.

Amazing Effect Display:

The bright cold spark fountain brings better visual effect for the events or occasions, creates an exciting activity atmosphere, makes the scene more attractive, eye-catching and breath-taking and leave a deep impression on the audiences or guests.

Application Fields

It is applicable to many occasions, including dj events, concerts, various types of shows, weddings, ceremonies, parties, Disco, events, celebrations, opening/ending ceremony, performance stages, clubs, etc.
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cold sparkle machines (3).jpg


Flight case:

We use flight case as the product packaging. A better method for cold sparkle machine packing, which is both practical and beautiful.


2/4/6 pcs of cold sparkle machine in one flight case (depend on the quantity of the order)


  • The appearance of the flight case is more beautiful and the weight is lighter.
  • The design of the flight case is professional, so the products in the case will not be damaged during transportation.
  • The excellent material of the flight case has the characteristics of waterproof, shock proof and moisture-proof.
  • The flight case is strong sealing and oxidation resistance.
  • The flight case is solid, relatively anti-collision, and has good resistance to external forces.
  • The service life of the flight case is longer, generally 2~3 times that of the ordinary box.
  • The bottom of the flight case has strong bearing capacity and can bear heavy weight.
Sparkle Machine (6)
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Qualification certificate:

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