Stage Truss

  • Size Customizable
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Support Various Using
  • High Quality Materials

What is stage truss?

Stage truss is a structural system used for various events such as stages, exhibitions, and celebrations to support stage lighting, display screens, sound systems, or other stage equipment. It is typically constructed from durable materials like aluminum alloy or steel to meet the diverse needs of different stages or performances. People also commonly refer to it as display truss, lighting truss, or aluminum truss.
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Advantages of Stage Truss

Customizable Stage Truss Sizes

TOP DANCE offers a wide range of stage stands in various sizes, including light duty truss, medium duty truss, heavy duty truss etc. Various types of sizes are available including 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm, 350x350mm, 300x400mm, 400x400mm, 400x600mm, 520x760mm, 600x760mm, 600x1000mm, 400x600mm. The lengths are available from 0.5m to 4m. 4m length, we can also provide customized service according to customer’s needs to create the ideal size.

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Various Stage Truss Structures

TOP DANCE offers a wide range of truss structures to choose from, including ladder truss, triangular truss, square truss, arch truss, circle truss, and many other shapes of truss, to better meet the specific setting of the site or events.

Professional Stage Truss Design

TOP DANCE provides the overall structure of strict, delicate and more professional stage truss design to ensure the structure is more stable, and the connection between the connecting parts and the truss is more stable and solid, which can realize a better and stable installation.

Superior Aluminum Alloy Material

Adopting high quality aluminum alloy material, after strict quality control, the raw material is qualified before it is put into production, in order to achieve more robust and durable characteristics. Anti-corrosion effect is better to ensure durability and not easy to deform.

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Stronger Weight-bearing Capacity

With sturdy material, stable and advanced structural design ensures higher load-bearing capacity up to 750kgs/sqm, which can better support the hanging of displays, lights, sound and other equipment, and meet the decorative arrangement of all kinds of events.

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Accessories Are Used with Stage Trusses

Accessories for stage trusses include sleeve blocks, cross arms, base plates, hoists, and straps. These accessories are used to attach equipment securely and safely to the truss structure.

Easy to Install and Dismantle

Optimized structural design making TOP DANCE stage truss setup a breeze, achieving for super fast and efficient mounting and dismounting in a simple step-by-step process. We will provide a professional installation guideline guide to assist in completing an easy installation.

Application Fields

Stage truss is also known as display truss, trade show display truss, or DJ lighting truss, which is used in many occasions. For example, it can be used to hang the lighting and display equipment on the stage of some live performances, concerts, music festivals, theaters, or for some DJ events, trade shows, parties, weddings, or celebrations, and so on.


Stage truss can be packaged in a steel box to provide a more secure installation and better protection during storage and transportation, ensuring that the product will not be damaged by external forces.

Why Buy Stage Truss from TOP DANCE?

  • Timely Delivery

TOP DANCE has warehouses in Los Angeles and Belgium that support quick pickup, saving money and time and ensuring on-time delivery.

  • Professional Support

Professional sales team and after-sales team, provide 24/7 online service, professional technical support and best solutions.

  • Rigorous Quality Inspection

More rigorous quality control processes to ensure rigorous production processes and production processes, from raw materials to the end of the strict control to ensure quality product quality.

  • 11-Years Industry experience

More than 10 years of industry experience, dedicated to the stage lighting industry, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, to provide you with a better buying experience.


  • Can stage trusses be customized for specific events?

The stage truss can be used for all types of events and the stage truss dimension can be customized according to your application. As a stage truss supplier, please feel free to contact us to get the best solution.

  • Do stage trusses require maintenance?

Yes, regular maintenance is necessary for stage truss to better ensure safety and longevity, and it needs to be checked regularly for damage and cleaned regularly.

  • Can stage trusses be used for outdoor events?

Yes, it can be used for outdoor events because of the high quality of the ground material, which provides better protection against corrosion.

  • Can stage trusses be reused for multiple events?

Yes, choose TOP DANCE’s stage truss to unlock a more durable and long-lasting product quality.