What’s the Difference Between Pure White Starlit LED Dance Floor and RGBW Starlit LED Dance Floor?

Jul 22, 2023 | Product Guides

The starlit LED dance floor also known as starlight dnacefloor, is consistently a popular item in the LED dance floor market due to its brilliant and impressive sparking effects, resembling twinkling stars on the ground and transforming the entire area into a magical and enchanting scene. As a result, there is a growing demand for this sparkling dance floor to add a fairytale-like ambiance to various event settings.

There are increasingly diverse types of starlit LED dance floors available in the market. starlit LED dance floors come in various options, differentiated by the color of the panels. There are black starlit dance floors and white LED starlit dance floors. Additionally, based on the material used, there are black or white acrylic dance floors and LED dance floors with an ABS plastic casing.

This article will focus on elaborating the classic starlit LED dance floors, the pure white starlit LED dance floor and RGBW starlit LED dance floor discussing their characteristics, similarities, and respective advantages and disadvantages.

Pure White Starlit LED Dance Floor

This is one of the most classic starlit LED dance floors, which enjoys a great reputation in the entire dance floor market. It is favored by various kinds of events and people specializing in event rental businesses. It is also an indispensable product for event scenes.

Colors of the Dancing Floor Light

The pure white starlit LED dance floor is characterized by its ability to emit a brilliant white light, creating a breathtaking ambiance throughout the venue with its radiant light up tiles. The use of white lights enhances the brightness of the illumination, resulting in a splendid and elegant atmosphere that transforms the entire scene into a wonderful spectacle.

Pure white LED starlit dance floor

Operate or Control Method

This starlit LED dance floor features a wireless control method, allowing for easy operation of effect switching through a remote control. The remote control enables users to switch between starlit effects, turn off the LED lights of the light up tiles, increase or decrease the speed, and adjust various settings as desired.

Remote control for Pure white LED starlit dance floor

Dance Floor Effects

This LED dance floor in pure white can produce captivating starlight effects, and its strobe effects can be controlled conveniently through a remote. In essence, this starlit dance floor creates a mesmerizing spectacle with sparkling stars twinkling on the ground, appearing lifelike and vivid, closely resembling real stars. However, it is specifically designed to illuminate solely in white light, setting it apart from the RGBW starlit LED dance floor, which offers a wider array of colors for various presentations.

RGBW Starlit LED Dance Floor (H2)

The RGBW starlit LED dance floor represents a more advanced version of the pure starlit LED dance floor. It is renowned for its ability to provide an extensive range of colors, showcasing a diverse array of saturated starlit effects. In addition to creating an elegant ambiance, it can also bring a dynamic burst of colors to the venue, adding vibrancy and excitement.

RGB LED starlit dance floor

Colors of the Dancing Floor Light

Unlike the pure white starlit LED dance floor, this RGBW starlit dance floor offers a broader range of colors, including common hues like pink, blue, and green, among others. The availability of these more saturated and diverse colors adds liveliness to all kinds of events. The ability to switch between colors allows for dynamic presentations, making this dance floor highly sought after by event rental business owners. Its capability to present a wider array of colors enables them to attract more clients and cater to a broader range of events.

Operate or Control Method

The control system of the pure white Star Dance Floor is distinct from the RGBW Star Dance Floor. The RGBW version has the capability to achieve a broader spectrum of colors, providing richer color rendering and more diverse effects compared to the pure white option. As a result, the remote control function for the RGBW dance floor offers greater versatility than the one for the pure white dance floor. With this dance floor, the remote control allows users to adjust the brightness and speed, as well as select various effects such as strobe or solid colors in addition to pure white.

Remote control for RGB LED starlit dance floor

Dance Floor Effects

The RGBW Starlight Dance Floor offers a wide range of effects due to its expansive color palette, making it an excellent addition to any event scene. It adds vibrant colors that can cater to various event requirements. For instance, at weddings, this dance floor can display not only white but also charming pink, adding elegance and eliminating any sense of monotony. It can even complement the wedding bouquets and venue decorations, elevating the overall appearance of the venue.
Another instance is the vibrant and visually striking red color, which exudes a lively and energetic atmosphere. For events with a dance showdown or dynamic performances, the red lighting intensifies the scene, infusing it with a sense of tension and excitement, adding significant meaning to the overall ambiance.

How to Install the Starlit LED Dance Floor?

Whether it’s a pure white or RGBW starlit LED dance floor, the installation method is the same. Both of them are wireless LED dance floors, which do not require any wiring. They can be easily and quickly assembled by connecting the dance floor tiles together using the interlocking mechanism on the edges of the tiles.

Sizes and Colors for Selection

TOP DANCE offers two size options for selection, 60*60cm or 120*60cm, providing a more cost-effective purchasing plan with these two sizes available. The starlit dance floor also comes in two colors, black and white, allowing for flexible combinations. It can be assembled in a chessboard pattern or all in pure white or pure black, adapting to different interactive atmospheres and themes.
dance floor colors
size for option (2)

Application Fields of Starlit LED Dance Floor

The pure white starlit LED dance floor is commonly used in occasions such as weddings and birthday parties because these events typically have a more elegant and sometimes formal ambiance. A set of bright pure white starlit LED dance floor can perfectly complement such settings. On the other hand, RGBW dance floors offer greater flexibility in usage as they can display various colors, making them suitable for a wide range of event styles. These dance floors can adapt to different atmospheres by changing colors. Apart from weddings and birthday parties, RGBW starlit LED dance floors are a better choice for festival-themed events, dances, graduation parties, and other similar occasions.

How to Choose a More Reliable Starlit LED Dance Floor Supplier?

Specialized Machines

To achieve the starlight effect, the starlit dance floor’s surface incorporates numerous small holes through which the LED lights emit, creating a starry sky pattern.

To accomplish this, TOP DANCE has implemented professional engraving machines and skilled technicians to conduct the hole engraving process. This ensures precise hole placement and guarantees a more lifelike representation of the starlit ambiance.

Indeed, many starlit dance floor manufacturers in the market find it challenging to ensure this aspect as they lack their own machinery and cannot accommodate bulk customizations according to clients’ needs. However, TOP DANCE sets itself apart by having its own machinery, which allows them to meet customer demands with ease and carry out batch customizations. This advantage enables TOP DANCE to guarantee the quality of the finished products.

More Systematic Quality Inspection Process

TOP DANCE has always maintained a high-standard quality inspection system to ensure that every sold dance floor tile possesses superior quality. Starting from the raw materials, they undergo quality checks, and at each completion of production process, the quality inspection team conducts thorough examinations. Furthermore, after the production of each set of starlit LED dance floor, they are taken to the testing area for final product inspections. These tests assess whether the dance floor operates effectively, and if the control systems are functioning correctly, ensuring that no subpar products are delivered to the customers.

Apart from these considerations, you should also take into account whether the supplier you choose has its own factory and handles the production process themselves. Opting for a distributor may lead to technical or after-sales issues, as they might lack technical expertise specific to dance floor products, resulting in incomplete and unprofessional answers to your inquiries. Furthermore, over time, dance floors require maintenance, and components may need replacement. Unprofessional suppliers may not be able to offer comprehensive support or even lack a sufficient warranty period.

However, TOP DANCE is different. We are a professional LED dance floor factory with a dedicated technical team. We regularly provide technical training to our sales and after-sales teams, ensuring prompt assistance when customers encounter any issues during use. Our products come with a three-year warranty, and customers who purchase from us can seek help for any after-sales problems at any time within that period. If any accessories are damaged, we provide new replacements for purchase.

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