NO ANY WIRE! The First Factory Achieved Completed Wireless Battery Magnet Dance Floor!!

Mar 18, 2021 | Company News

GOOD NEWS! TOP Dance magnet Led dance floor ahead of the field once again!

Following the development of magnetic connection Led dance floor in 2016, TOP Dance have made a major breakthrough in technology of Led dance floor. After realizing wireless installation technology (deliver power and signal without wire) , we realized the whole set floor tile wireless. We have advanced technology of wireless power supply and wireless control now.

The first Battery Magnet Dance Floor is TP-871 Magic Star Frosted Magnet Dance Floor. TP-871 is the new item of the Matte Series.

Based on the matte floor panels, our R&D team made a special space shape inside the panel, which produced a dreamy pattern effect, so it was named Magic Star. Same starlit effects, solid color effects, pattern effects, showing a kind of fantasy effect in comics.

Battery powered, Wireless connection and wireless control,Without any wired. 

Thank you for your time.  If you have any idea about the Led dance floor, welcome to contact us!




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