The Solutions to Faulty Light Up Tile Floor

Jul 27, 2023 | Product Guides


In modern interior design, light up tile floor combines its visual effects and practical functions perfectly. Integrated with led dance floor lights within the tiles, led dance floor can create amazing lighting special effects and variable patterns, colors and the effects that you want, which can immerse yourself into the colorful world it created.

The adaptability of dance floor with lights is one of the main advantages that you cannot miss. They can be used in different situations, such as night clubs, products launches and corporate events, etc. Light up tile floor has gradually become an indispensable part of event scene. Furthermore, these flooring can be customized in a variety of sizes, offering extensive fashion options to meet your needs.

Environmental-friendly is also an additional attractive feature of led tile floors. LED lights, which are energy-saving, utilize less electricity, resulting in lower electricity cost and making a big difference in electricity bills.

These floors are gradually common used in commercial fields, including commercial buildings, bars, entertainment venues. They are able to provide an enthralling and immersive experience to create an impressive atmosphere in which you can feel the beauty and enjoy the vibe.

However, people who want to buy a set of light up tile floor always want worries about the maintenance problem. In this article, we are going to share the common problem that may happened on the light up tile floor and the relative resolution method of it.

Common Problems of LED Floor Tiles

Problems with the Main board

1.1 The Main Board’s Role: the Control Center of the Light Up Tile Floor System
The main board, the hub of the light up tile floor, playing a significant role as the brain, generating patterns of led light activity and allowing immediate responses to the changes.The function of the main board is to exert centralized control, to determine which light up tile should illuminate in the colors you decide. The main board is the basic part in ensuring smooth operation of the led tiles floor system.

1.2 Common Main Board Depletion Malfunction
During the period of use, you might encounter with the issue of broken main board. The reasons why the main board damaged can be listed as belows. First, electrical surges or power fluctuations can overload the board’s components, causing faults or failure. Second, excessive heat produced by long-time use or insufficient ventilation is likely to result in essential components to degrade or melt. Third, moisture or liquid exposure could short-circuit the board, leading to malfunction. Fourth, mechanical stress from inappropriate handling or installation may cause the main board broken. Lastly, production flaws or low-quality materials may expose the main board to premature failure. Regular maintenance and care must be taken to reduce the danger of damage.

1.3 How To Know If The Main Board Is Broken Or Not
To determine if the main board in a led tile floor system is broken, please kindly conduct the following inspection. First, inspect the surface of the main board for physical damage. Next, make sure there are no disconnected or loose wires by checking the power supply and connections. To determine whether the board is receiving the right voltage, use a multimeter. If the dancing floor lights are not working, the main board may be faulty. Additionally, keep an ear out for any odd sounds or keep your nose out for any strange scents, since burned materials may give off distinct fragrances. To troubleshoot further, refer to the system’s manual if one is available or contact a professional technician.

Magnet-Related Issues

2.1 Importance of Magnets in Holding the Tiles Together and Facilitating Power Transfer
In a system for light floor, magnets serve the dual purposes of holding the tiles together and successfully facilitating efficient power delivery. The tile-to-tile connection is seamless and solid thanks to the magnets, retaining the structural integrity of the floor. This function makes disassembly and reconfiguration easier apart from making installation simpler. Magnets also make it easier for power to connect to the light up tile floor system. Electricity may deliver via floor tiles by means of using magnetic induction technology without the use of complicated wiring method.

2.2 Magnets can lose strength or become misaligned over time, which can lead to problems.
A lighted dance floor’s magnets may weaken or misaligned over time as a result of several reasons like exposure to heat, vibration, or mechanical stress. The performance and stability of the floor might be affected by weakening magnets, which can result in poor tile connections. Misalignment may obstruct power transfer, leading to tiles that are not illuminated. To guarantee the durability and effectiveness of the light up tile floor system, regular maintenance, proper handling, and the use of high-quality magnets are vital.

2.3 The Reasons Why the Magnet Is Broken
A light up tile floor system’s magnets may become broken for a number of reasons. They may fracture if they are subjected to excessive pressure or impact during installation or use. Under pressure, weak or brittle magnets are more likely to break. Magnets can also get weak and shatter due to environmental conditions like dampness or severe temperatures. Additionally, ongoing vibration or mechanical stress may hasten their degeneration. When building and maintaining the light up tile floor, it is essential to use robust, high-quality magnets and to ensure proper handling and installation.

2.4 How to Know if the Magnet Is Broken or Not
To figure out if a magnet is broken in a light up tile floor, it is suggested that inspect the tiles carefully to see if it is misaligned or detached. Non-illuminating tiles or erratic power supply means that broken magnets are likely to make a difference to electricity transfer. Regarding on this issue, it is suggested that use a magnet to test the magnetic force of suspicious tiles. If they no longer attract to each other, the magnets might be broken. Regular maintenance and visual inspections can assist in quickly identifying and replacing defective magnets , ensuring the floor’s overall atmosphere and optimizing its stability.

3.Advanced Magnetic Technology in Top Dance Light Up Tile Floor

We have always been committed to creating a better magnetic LED dance floor, our advanced production technology, we can do a perfect solution to the problems mentioned above, as well as your confusion about the above, TOP DANCE will provide you with a detailed explanation of our mainboard and magnet design.

Top Dance Light Up Tile Floor employs a magnetic technology, with 18 built-in magnets in each panel, allowing for one-second installation for one panel. The panels’ exceptional performance and the sophisticated magnetic technology allow for quick and easy installation and removal. Furthermore, additional magnets in the panels provide superior performance in terms of signal linking and power passing stability. Our mainboard also boasts excellent technology and durability, making it robust and long-lasting. Even for replacement, it is a straightforward process due to its cleverly designed placement at the bottom, ensuring utmost convenience.

3.1 Solutions to Faulty Light up Tile Floor

Mainboard Troubleshooting

Step 1: Visible Damage Inspection- Examine the main board for any damages such as burns, cracks, or loose connections, which might indicate potential problems.

Step 2: Professional Customer Service For Assistance – If the main board remains faulty , please kindly consult us and we will respond to you immediately to help you get the problems solved. We provide after-sales guarantee to protect your rights.

Magnet Troubleshooting
Step 1: Magnet Realignment – Carefully Examine and adjust misaligned magnets to guarantee proper tile connections and power delivery. To ensure a secure fit, gently push or move tiles.

Step 2: Magnet Force Test – Using a magnet or a metal object, test the magnetic strength of faulty tiles. To ensure efficient power transfer, replace the broken magnets.

Step 3: Cleaning and Maintenance – Clean the tiles on a regular basis to eliminate any dirt or debris that may obstruct magnet operation. Perform routine maintenance to detect and fix possible problems before they become serious.

By following these steps, one can troubleshoot and resolve magnet-related issues, restoring the the functionality and visual attractiveness of the light up tile floor.

3.2 Operation Guidance

Main board
1. Flip the floor tile over to access the underside.

2. Carefully loosen the four nuts that secure the cover plate with a screwdriver.

3. Remove any glue that was used to hold the wiring in place.

4. Disconnect the four wires that are linked to the current main board.

5. Using a new motherboard, connect the four wires as follows:

– Connect the yellow and black wires to the J2 and J5 interfaces, respectively.

– Connect the other two wires as needed.

– Use glue to keep the interfaces in place.

6. To secure the cover plate, glue it to the main board.

7. Finally, flip the cover plate over and secure it with screws to complete the process.

1. Locate the magnet bar within the tile.

2. Loosen the fixed screws on the magnet bar one at a time.

3. Carefully remove the magnet bar from its location.

4. Continue to remove the fixed screws until the nut comes loose.

5. Remove the nut, conducting strip, and spring from the magnet.

6. Remove the magnet from the tile’s front.

7. Change the old magnet for a new one.

8. Tighten the screws one at a time until the conducting strip is 5mm away from the magnetic strip, ensuring that all screws are securely tightened.

9. Finally, tighten the fixed screws sequentially to finish the magnet replacement operation.


When we address the issue of faulty light up tile floors, it requires a multifaceted approach so that we ensure a long lasting and effective solutions.this problem is not only a matter of aesthetics but also impacts the usability and safety of the space. There are different strategies that can be added to rectify this problem .

Firstly, manufactures and designers must prioritize product quality and durability , they must implement different testing procedures during and after production so as to identify potential flaws in the light up tiles which will later lead to improved reliability.

Compared to other manufacturers, TOP DANCE has own technique team and we will upgrade our products according to your needs. As for the magnet components, we have embedded 18 magnets in the dance floors to increase the magnet strength. The main board is also specially designed on the bottom of the floor to achieve easier and convenient maintenance.

Secondly , consumers need to regularly inspect and do maintenance check ups to prevent and detect issues promptly, this will insure extended lifespan of the floor and reduces the likelihood of malfunctions.

Lastly, open communication between consumers and manufactures would enable feedback exchange, which is very important in identifying any problems and which can make it easier to improve the product.

By incorporating these solutions,a robust foundation can be established for light up tile floor , and this will ensure safe ,durable and amazing addition to modern architectural designs, which will make users to be delighted for years to come.

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