TOP Dance Developed New Matte Series To Provide More Possibilities

Mar 18, 2021 | Company News

TOP Dance New Matte Series—TP-872

Since 2013, TOP Dance has been investing in high-quality resources to develop wireless Led dance floors. In the past 4 years, we has mainly developed the wireless technology of Led dance floor and attain big achievement.

In 2016, we successfully broke through and developed the Led dance floor with magentic connection system. In 2019, we successfully developed a wireless Ipad control system for Magnet Digital Dance Floor. In 2020, we are committed to the research and development of a variety of styles of floor tiles, rich in types.

Then Good News!! TOP Light has worked out New Products in Frosted Series. We developed the matte magnet dance floor to a new style TP-872 —New Novel Shape Magnet Dance Floor

TP-872 Effects:

New Novel Shape Magnet Dance Floor was develop from Magnet Matte Magnet Dance Floor.

Same Starlit effects, solid colors effects and simple pattern effects.

Howerver, New Novel shape shows cool effects in Polygon panels, it creates a brand new visions on the floor.

TP-872 Control Way and Installation:


The control way and connection way is same as the magnet matte dance floor,  easy to install and easy to control: 

Thank you for keep your eyes on TOP Dance new items. We will have more news coming out soon. Welcome to stay tuned!! 



Any question and requirement about led dance floor, welcome to contact Truman:

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