TOP Dance Magnet Dance Floors IN 2019 LDI Show

Nov 6, 2020 | Company News

As the only Led Dance Floor factory from China, TOP Dance is honored to attended in the 2019 LDI SHOW in LAS Vegas with the newest products— IPad Online Control Magnet Digital Dance Floor, 3D Mirror starlit Magnet Dance Floor and Magnet Interactive Dance Floor.


IPad Online Control Magnet Digital Dance Floor is adopted with magnetic connection and could use IPad to change the effects or type words online in the parties. It meet the needs of customers for quick installation and easy manipulation.

3D Mirror Starlit Magnet Dance Floor is based on 3D Mirror Magnet Dance Floor, the R&D team add led strip in the panel and it could shows beautiful star lights in 3D effects panel.

Magnet Interative Dance Floor is a new product as well, It developed from Magnet Matte Dance Floor. When the interactive effects turn off, it could be used as Magnet Matte Dance Floor!

These 3 items we all added new functions and get improvement in Wireless connections Way. Many visitors tested in the booth how to install the floors and how to control by IPAD easily , they stayed long time to check every improvement and each functions. Some Engineers of our customers gave us more ideas to make our dance floors better and better.

For giving back to new and old customers, We carried out the pick-up activity in Los Angeles during the LDI SHOW then received a good response.

Thanks for all the regular customers and news customers, TOP Dance will always be in the mind to improve what the customers want and need. See your guys at next show!!

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