TOP DANCE Product Live Broadcast About LED Screen and Extension Products

Sep 3, 2022 | Company News

On September 2, 2022, TOP DANCE carried out a live broadcast of the product introduction, introducing our LED dance floor TP-877, LED display screen P3.91, LED furniture, Love letter, Beam light, and Uplight to customers around the world, showing the use, functions, and presentation effects of our products, so that they can have a deeper understanding of our products. The live broadcast was very successful. Customers from more than 30 countries and regions watched our live broadcast and actively left messages for us to ask questions about products. After the live broadcast, we received many inquiries about these products. Now, let me introduce these products in our live broadcast in detail.

First of all, we introduce our P3.91 LED display, which is our most popular LED display product. In the last season, we successfully sold more than 10000 P3.91 displays overseas. In the live broadcast, we show an LED display of the size 1 x 3m. It has very good visual effects. It has ultra-high pixels. High resolution and high definition make the picture more vivid and realistic. Good gray scale and brightness,  ensure the clearly present image no matter indoor or outdoor use, not affected by strong or dark light. In addition to its excellent visual presentation, its installation method is also very simple. The vertical locking system make it easy to splice the panels together with a few simple actions, which can better save installation time and labor costs. In addition, it has a variety of installation modes, including wall installation, cabinet installation, bracket installation and truss hanging set up. The installation mode is very flexible and can adapt to different venues, which can create more possibilities for the layout. For event rental business, it can be a good choice to purchase this LED display, which can be applied to the requirements of different sites. The various and fast installation methods can effectively reduce the costs. P3.91 LED Screen has a lighter and thinner design. The size of the panel is divided into 500 x 100cm and 500 x 500cm, which can be spliced and matched according to the site requirements. The overall thickness of the panel is less than 80mm, the weight of the 500 x 100cm size is 12kg, and the weight of the 500 * 500cm size is 7kg. The lighter weight and thinner thickness reduce the occupied space and make it easier for carrying and installation.


Many customers asked us about the TP-877LED dance floor after the live broadcast. They were deeply attracted by the function and effect of this dance floor. First, this LED dance floor adapts advanced magnet technology. The panels no longer need to be connected by wire, but are connected by magnets. One person can install a whole set of LED dance floor, and each panel can be connected in only one second. The entire set of LED dance floor can be installed in about 10 minutes. The LED dance floor shown in the live broadcast is 4 x 4m in size, and one of our staff only spent 8 minutes installing the full set of LED dance floor. Its effect is very attractive. Many customers will use it for weddings, birthday parties, banquets, dj events, exhibitions and shows, precisely because it can give guests extraordinary attractive visual impact, novel and interesting experience. It has more than 30 kinds of starry sky effects, 7 kinds of solid colors, and Mix RGB effects. The visual effect of its panel’s 3D infinity, which is very cool. Many customers are attracted by the effect of this panel when they browse product page. Moreover, through the remote control, the brightness can be increased or decreased, the dance floor can be speed up or down, and the strobe effect can also be displayed, which can adapt to the needs of changing places and display dynamic effects. In addition to remote control, it can also be controlled by DMX and computer, which is very convenient to use.


On both sides of the field are wireless lights. It has ultra-light weight, and the design without wire is more convenient to move and install, and can be flexibly placed according to the layout of the venue. It can be controlled by mobile phone or remote control. It is applicable to various mobile phone systems. It can switch effects and colors at will through the App. The connection is stable , and the speed, color and mode can be switched easily with the remote control. The built-in battery can ensure a 4 hours of charging and 8 hours of use, suitable for long lasting activities. At the same time, it is also an environmentally friendly product, which is more energy-saving and power-saving. It has a high-quality light source, with a service life of 60000 to 100000 hours. The layout of Uplight can not only provide lighting effect, light up the whole venue, but also create a more creative atmosphere of the site, so that the whole site layout can bring a more coordinated visual presentation.


In the live broadcast scene, another product that attracts the audience’s attention is Love letter, with shining capital letters, so that the audience can see it at a glance. This is a product that can be customized. Top Dance provides love letter products with all letters and numbers to meet the applicable requirements of customers in different occasions, such as anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, proposals, weddings, and so on. People use it to present the theme of parties and events, or to present simple and direct slogans “Happy birthday!” “Mary Me!” “50 anniversary” and so on. It can change the effect, brightness, mode, color through remote control. The effect of Mix RGB brings users rich color choices. Advanced light source materials can present eye-catching brightness in any scene, and have an ultra-long service life. They are highly cost-effective products for the event rental business. Acrylic material shell and metal bracket are more  durable to avoid damage during transportation. 3FT/4FT/5FT can be selected to adapt to the layout of large sites and small sites.


LED furniture is also a very popular LED product now. It can not only provide a  three-dimensional visual effect for the scene layout, but also increase the user experience. You can sit on it. In the live broadcast, we showed you LED furniture in the shape of a cube, and we can provide LED furniture in a variety of shapes, including sofa, chair and table. It is applicable to bars, clubs, nightclubs, and other places, as well as the layout of some parties and banquets. Its bearing capacity is up to 120kg, and it has five brightness adjustments and four dynamic lighting modes (FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE), which can be quickly switched through the remote control. In addition, it can be used for 10 hours after charging for 4 hours, which is very convenient to use.


The rotating light hanging next to the LED display is called Beam Light. We often see this product in many large-scale performances. In fact, it can be used in many scenes, such as various kinds of parties, performances, exhibitions, bars, nightclubs, stage lighting and various types of performance activities. It can present a variety of colors with high brightness, and the effect transformation mode is diverse. It can also rotate 360 degrees. Through a simple control method, the effect can be switched according to the requirements to make the scene atmosphere fuller. Guests from all aspects of the venue can feel the beam light, and better enhance the atmosphere of the event.

In order to meet customers’ needs to have a further understanding of the products, Top Dance will introduce the products the customers want to know in detail through live broadcast. The live broadcast will introduce the products in detail, display the functions, and respond to customer comments and interact to customers. If you are interested in the above products or want us to introduce the specific products in detail in the next live broadcast, please feel free to contact us.

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