​ TOP DANCE TP-M878 LED Dance Floor Lighted Up A Grand Wedding Scene in LA

Feb 1, 2023 | Company News

A set of 20×20 ft TP-M878 LED dance floor was arranged for a wedding event in LA. The LED dance floor was placed in the center of the banquet hall. The dazzling effect and amazing brightness became the most eye-catching lighting atmosphere equipment in the banquet hall. The rich colors and patterns changed right beneath the guests’ dancing feet, leaving a deep impression on the every guests.

Compared with other events, the wedding is more special and mostly grand, which is of great significance to the groom and bride. Therefore, the requirements of wedding events planning is relatively higher. Wedding planners will try their best to find novel and unique forms to achieve better results, meet the requirements of the couple, and make their beautiful dreams come true.

The customer who bought this set of 20x20ft LED dance floor is the organizer of this wedding event, and wants to create a unique wedding venue layout, and hope to create a romantic and wonderful wedding atmosphere, so that the on-site layout can have a bright visual experience. At the same time, the procedure of the wedding activity is also closely related to the LED dance floor. The free dance part and the interaction between the couple and guests are designed. The band performance needs to be on the LED dance floor. Therefore, various transformation effects are needed to cooperate, leaving a good and deep impression on the bride and groom as well as the guests at the scene. Most importantly, this set of LED dance floor equipment needs to meet the needs of the couple, so that all eyes on the scene can focus on them, and make their dream wedding come true. After knowing the customer’s purchase intention and considering the relevant venue layout information and the number of guests, Top Dance’s sales team provided a set of solutions for the customer and recommended this popular TP-M878 LED dance floor for reference.

This set of TP-M878 dance floor has always been a popular product, and many customers use it for the wedding venue layout. This LED dance floor is connected by magnets. This simple and time-saving installation method avoids the complicated and time-consuming installation process, reduces the cost of personnel and time, and saves the cost for the arrangement of the event site. The most important thing is that it has a variety of effects, cool graphic effects, words typing effects that show the theme of the event, dreamy starlit effects for the vow phase, and various colors that change when dancing. Moreover, it can also be controlled by a tablet that can avoid the complicated connection part, and the one-second switching effect is not a problem anymore. In addition, it also has a wide range of occasions for use, birthday parties, dance parties, festival theme parties and other parties, banquets, company activities, anniversary celebrations, trade shows, auto shows and other exhibitions. It can also be used in clubs, bars, nightclubs, banquet halls, KTV and other places, and even can be used as a performance stage. Because of its excellent performance, many event rental companies or event planning companies will choose to purchase this TP-M878.

The overall style of the wedding banquet hall is elegant and warm. There are 100 guests at the banquet. This set of 20x20ft LED dance floor is placed in the center of the banquet hall, which perfectly adapts to the layout style of the venue and the size of the venue. The LED dance floor can accommodate all the guests very well, allowing guests to dance freely without feeling crowded, and also ensuring safety while dancing, and the effect and color switching better adapt to the ambiance of the scene. The dynamic effect makes the performance of the band more vivid and visual impact. With the rhythm of the music, the matching effect is switched to bring guests visual enjoyment. The groom designed a small surprise event to express his love to the bride through the typing effect of the LED dance floor and the effect of the heart shape pattern, which instantly lit up the scene atmosphere. With the effect of LED dance floor, it adds fun and richness to the wedding, and makes guests feel the unprecedented visual and dance experience. With the change of effect and color display, it presents a romantic atmosphere and creates the visual focus of the activity.


Knowing that the bride and groom want a romantic scene layout, after confirming that the overall style of the wedding site is classical and elegant, the wedding bouquet is light pink, and the main color of the ceiling decoration and table cloth of the wedding site is white, the Top Dance sales team specially customized a series of patterns that match their layout style and color for the wedding. These patterns are dynamic, and the main colors are blue, white and pink suitable for the wedding, classic and light colors adapt to the elegant style of the wedding, and also better adapt to the main colors, meeting the requirements of the bride and groom for romantic scenes. The effect of the heart-shaped pattern, including the surprise parts, is also specially customized. The pattern is dynamic, and the heart-shaped pattern will show a gradually larger effect. The dynamic effect is matched with elegant and classic colors to present eye-catching appearance. It can not only design patterns, but also present the effects of pure and mixed colors. It can switch styles through remote control to control brightness and speed. The fashionable effect style, combined with the changing speed, presents a dynamic and vivid effect in the band performance. The starlit effect is also an important factor that TP-M878 is widely used in wedding activities. The dreamy and elegant starlit effect fills the scene with a romantic atmosphere, and makes the dance part of the wedding attract more attention. In addition, TP-M878, in addition to the effect mentioned above, is also very popular for its typing effect, which can display text on the floor tiles, such as “Happy New Year”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Birthday”, etc., which is usually used in proposal ceremony, wedding, festival celebration, anniversary celebration, birthday party, Christmas party and other parties or celebrations. Two panel colors are available to meet any style of various venues.

The customer told us that the wedding was a great success, he can tell it from the smile on the faces of the guests when they dance. This purchase is the best choice and this set of LED dance floor worth a great praise. No matter for its wonderful effects display or the easy install method. The bridegroom and the bride said that this set of floor tiles added luster to the decoration of their wedding site and achieved their desired effect.

The LED dance floor is the place where all the energy is active! A great LED dance floor will bring great success to the event! The interesting effect makes any activity atmosphere active! If you are struggling to conceive a wedding plan, if you want to create an unforgettable wedding. GO AND GET THIS!

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