What is Led Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

LED dance floor, also known as illuminating dance floor or disco dance floor, is a floor tiles or panels that can present color lights. Colorful LED is used to illuminate the modern dance floor.

The LED dance floor can usually be divided into two parts, the case and panel. The case contains main components such as motherboard, led source, circuit, magnet (magnet LED dance floor), built-in battery (battery magnet LED dance floor), etc. The panel can be made of different materials, such as acrylic or tempered glass. In order to achieve a wide color range, red, green and blue LEDs are usually used. With the development of advanced science and technology, it can also display pattern, dynamic effect, various colors, mix RGB effects and text etc. With the progress of market requirements, LED dance floor has also achieved more and more control methods, including computer control, DMX control, tablet control, remote control, etc. Under control, the floor can display various patterns and flashes. The control module is shared by a row or square panel grid. By connecting the controllers to each other, future wiring and control will become easier. The LED dance floor can also include a pressure sensor, similar to the pressure sensor on the dance pad, so that the displayed patterns and other effects can change accordingly.

LED dance floor is also widely used in various places, such as bars, clubs, nightclubs, exhibitions, car shows, T shows, birthday parties, weddings, dance parties, banquets, dj events, various celebration ceremonies and residential environments, to create atmosphere and increase the interest of events.

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