What Function Does the Led Dance Floor Have?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

Are you planning a grand and romantic wedding? Are you planning an interesting event? Do you want to hold a cool and wonderful party? Are you still annoying by the set up of the events? TOP DANCE provides high-quality customized LED dance floor for your wedding, party and event needs. All of our dance floors are innovative, with the most advanced technology, more stable connection, more fashionable effect, and simpler operation, making full use of the overall excitement of the party and creating a pleasant and interesting atmosphere. Use our new LED to raise dance and entertainment to a new level.

Through the development and innovation of the R&D team, our customized LED dance floor has various styles, can present different styles and effects, has simpler installation and operation, more stable connection and output, and more convenient and diverse control methods.


So what functions do the TOP DANCE Led dance floors have?


1. Installation Method:

In order to adapt to the application of LED dance floor in various places, TOP DANCE provides wired and wireless LED dance floors. The wire Led dance floor is suitable for long-term use, with permanent connection. The wireless LED dance floor with more advanced technology like battery model and magnet model. These two connection methods can greatly shorten the installation time. Just connect the power supply and controller. There is no need to transmit current and signal between the floor tiles through wires. Just through the attraction of the magnet, you can easily connect the two panels, complete the connection in one second, and complete the connection arrangement of the whole set of the Led dance floor in only 8 minutes.

2. Control Modes:

The control mode of the Led dance floor needs to be more diversified, because it can be used in various places, which may have some restrictions. Therefore, in order to switch the effect and mode more easily, TOP DANCE has updated the control system, providing DMX, computer, tablet and remote control etc. The remote control includes 12 buttons, which can accurately and quickly switch the effects, adjust the brightness and speed, and is not restricted by the venue. More control modes are provided to better adapt to the control requirements of different places.

3. Effects Presentation:

In order to meet the requirements of different activities, the presentation mode of the LED dance floor needs to be more diversified, including the material, color, style of the panel and the effects. For example, wedding needs to present elegant and simple atmosphere, banquet needs high-end effect, birthday party, dance party and other activities need cool and colorful effect to set off exciting and interesting atmosphere.

In the process of research and development of TOP DANCE LED dance floor, considering the need of products to adapt to the use needs of various occasions, we specially developed various panel styles. After in-depth market research, we have created a common use, beautiful and fashionable effect for customers. Now TOP DANCE Led dance floor are equipped with 30 starlit effects, 7 colors, Mix RGB effects, pattern effects, 3D infinity effects, words typing effects. Also, TOP DANCE provides interactive Led dance floor tiles. When people dance or walk on it, the floor tiles will change the effect at the same time.

4. Safety Performance

The load capacity of the Led dance floor determines its durability and application fields. A good LED dance floor is bound to use better and more durable materials. The surface of Top DANCE Led dance floor is made of 10mm tempered glass, and the load capacity of each panel is up to 500-600kg, which can not only bear the weight of a large number of guests, but also the weight of a car. It is neither easy to slide nor easy to break when dancing or even driving on it. There is also a non-slip edge design, which allows guests to dance freely and is not easy to fall from it.


TOP DANCE always aims to provide the best LED dance floor for each event, and combine the latest lighting and interactive technology to add fun and excitement to everyone’s next activity!

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