What Happens If the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Run out of Power During an Event?

Jul 10, 2023 | Customer Case

As the forefront industry leader in LED dance floors, TOP DANCE takes pride in being the first manufacturer to develop and produce battery magnetic dance floors. We are committed to prioritizing the customer experience and strive to make our products not only convenient to use but also hassle-free to install. With our innovative designs, customers can enjoy a seamless installation process without the need for any wiring connections. Additionally, our dance floors require minimal maintenance, making them exceptionally user-friendly.

However, when we launched this product, many customers expressed their doubts. It was the first time they had encountered a battery magnetic dance floor in the market. They were concerned about the dance floor’s battery life and whether it would be sufficient to support their regular activities without running out of power. They also worried about what would happen if their event unexpectedly extended or if they forgot to charge the battery before the event started, leaving insufficient charge midway through. However, there’s no need to worry. TOP DANCE’s team of skilled engineers anticipated these concerns during the development process and has already addressed them.

Real-Time Monitoring of Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Tile Battery Levels 

First of all, on our battery magnetic dance floor panels, we have incorporated a real-time battery level display. This display area is positioned at the bottom of the led dance floor mats, allowing you to conveniently see the remaining battery power. By simply pressing a designated button, you will instantly know the remaining power of the dance floor panels. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about whether your dance floor will last through an event, as you can monitor the battery level in advance.

By accurately planning the duration of your event, you can prevent the dance floor from running out of power halfway through. Simply check the remaining battery levels of the dance floor tiles before the event starts. If the battery levels are insufficient, make sure to charge them in advance. With proper preparation, you can avoid the occurrence of the dance floor running out of power during your event.

Avoid Mid-Event Power Drain: 12-hour Super Long Run Time of  Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

Many customers express concerns about the potential range limitations and the fear of the dance floor running out of power during their events. The visual impact of an LED dance floor is crucial, and a sudden power outage can significantly impact the guest experience, as well as the reputation of event organizers and planners.


At TOP DANCE, we understand these concerns and are committed to providing a solution. Our battery magnetic dance floors offer exceptional battery life, lasting up to 12 hours. You can have complete peace of mind, even for extended events. To assure you of our product’s reliability, we have recorded a special video demonstrating the continuous operation of our battery panels for up to 12 hours. Click the video to witness the actual recording.

Furthermore, we stand by our promise. If our dance floor does not reach the advertised 12-hour range, we offer a refund. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide you with a worry-free experience.

What if the Dance Floor Battery Runs out of Power During the Middle of the Event? 

If the battery magnetic dance floor runs out of battery in the middle of the event, we have an ultimate solution: connecting the wired edges. The process is simple and quick, requiring minimal time and no significant disruption to the overall event flow.

rechargeable floor tiles.jpg

Here’s how it works: you only need to remove one side of the wireless edge and replace it with a wired edge, ensuring it is connected to a power source. This will allow your dance floor to continue functioning. This transition can be done swiftly, without impacting your guests’ experience.

rechargeable flight case.jpg

While this solution provides a seamless workaround, we always recommend ensuring the batteries are fully charged before the event to avoid any interruptions. This approach not only enhances the overall experience for the participating guests but also alleviates any concerns customers may have, allowing them to fully enjoy the wonderful experience of the battery magnetic dance floor.

Customer Case: Battery Magnetic Dance Floor – Best Dance Floor Purchasing Experience

Here is a customer case study featuring one of our long-standing clients from the United States, who has been using our TOP DANCE products. When we introduced this product, our client showed great interest due to its wire-free installation method, which significantly reduced the installation burden and time required.

As a result, he personally visited our factory to see for himself. After witnessing the entire installation process, he took it upon himself to install an 8×8 dance floor set. It was his first time installing this type of dance floor, but he quickly learned the process because it was truly straightforward. He completed the entire installation in less than ten minutes.

Furthermore, he had some doubts about the battery life of our dance floor. Our manager allowed him to test the actual battery life of the dance floor. After conducting the test, he confirmed that our battery magnetic dance floor could indeed last for 12 hours. Impressed by the results, he immediately made the purchase and acquired a set of 12×16 dance floor.

We also followed up with this customer after their purchase to inquire about their usage experience. They informed us that the battery dance floor set had helped them save a significant amount of costs. Firstly, in terms of manpower, they no longer needed to hire additional personnel for dance floor installation. Secondly, this dance floor set allowed them to maximize the utilization of LED floor rentals. They no longer had to arrive at the venue well in advance for setup, and after the event, they didn’t have to spend a lot of time dismantling the dance floor. They could immediately transport it to the next location, increasing its utilization rate to earn more with the floor tiles.

If you are interested in our battery magnetic dance floor or have any further questions about it, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to provide you with clear guidance and comprehensive answers to all your inquiries.

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