What Is the Different of Wired Dance Floor and Magnetic Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

LED dance floor can help focus on the theme and create a focus for the guests, making people have a brilliant visual effect. But what are the styles of LED dance floor on the market? What are their functions? What is the difference between them? What types of events are more suitable for different LED dance floors? TOP DANCE will answer all your questions.  


The LED dance floor can be divided into many styles, and the most common LED dance floor is the wire type and the magnet type. The design of various styles is to meet the different needs of customers and consider the particularity of various events.


The wired LED dance floor is a classic style in the LED dance floor industry. From the installation mode, the installation procedure of the wired LED dance floor is more complicated than that wireless one. It is not only need to connect the cables between the floor tile and the controller and the power supply, but also necessary to connect the cables (including the signal cable and the power cable) between each floor tile, and also need to hide the wires after the connection. Therefore, in terms of installation mode, the LED dance floor with wire needs more time and labor costs. In terms of stability, the connection of LED dance floor with lines will be relatively stable. However, when the customer’s demand is long-term installation or permanent installation, we will recommend the wire LED dance floor more. Even though the first installation will take more time, it does not need to be removed frequently once installed. In terms of the demand for permanent installation, the wire LED dance floor is relatively cost-effective.


The magnet LED dance floor is the result of the development and update of LED dance floor technology, and is also a more popular LED dance floor in the market. First of all, compared with the wired LED dance floor, the installation method of the magnet type is more convenient. The panels are connected by magnets without complicated cable connection, so the installation time is greatly shortened. The convenient installation mode makes the magnet model more popular, because the installation time of the magnet LED dance floor will be greatly shortened in the event rental industry or other private parties. Although the connection of the wired Led dance floor is relatively stable as mentioned above, with the development of technology, the design of LED dance floor with magnet can also achieve a more stable effect. The stability of the connection depends on the number of magnets, the position of magnets and the quality of magnets.


As a leading enterprise in the LED dance floor, TOP DANCE has paid attention to the advantages and shortcoming of the magnet LED dance floor from a very early time. Through the efforts of the R&D team, the design of the case has been updated. Now TOP DANCE magnet LED dance floor has 18 built-in magnets, which are more stable. The selection of higher quality magnets is not easy to break and damage, and more durable. The position of the magnets has also been adjusted, and can be better maintained.


If you are interested in the above product or have any questions about the LED dance floor, please feel free to contact our professional team! We will reply you as soon as possible!


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