What Kind of Occasions Can We Use the Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

Some customers who have always wanted to buy the Led dance floor worry about whether the Led dance floor can meet their venue needs, or whether their event venue can accommodate the LED dance floor. The answer is yes!

Where can the Led dance floor be used? With the rapid development of LED dance floor technology and the more convenient operation, LED dance floor is becoming more and more popular. Not only do large events, performances or ceremonies use the Led dance floor, but now more and more small venues and small parties also use the LED dance floor for scene layout.

LED dance floor can be used in various types of activities to attract attention, create a better atmosphere of the event, and enhance the interactive interest. It can be used in various parties or celebration activities such as weddings, proposal ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, proms, dance parties, dj events, banquets, birthday parties, etc; Halloween theme activities and Christmas theme activities; Auto show, catwalk show, trade fair, stage performance, concert and other special occasions; And bars, clubs, nightclub discos and other specific places.

Now, let me show you some amazing share from customers, so you can visualize the use of our products in various activities!


TP-M878 LED dance floor is a popular product for wedding venue layout. It can present various effects, including words typing effect, starlit effect, solid color effect, and pattern effect. The starlit effect and the solid color effect can be used in the dance part of the wedding, making everyone immerse themselves in the atmosphere during the dancing segment, and providing a more dreamy and romantic dance scene for the guests. Words typing effect and pattern effect are eye catching, so that guests can get the novel feeling as soon as they enter the banquet hall, and feel the unique venue and atmosphere.

The wedding venue can also set up the Led screen, love letter, dry ice machine, spark machine and uplight etc. The Led screen can make the background of the wedding no longer monotonous. It can not only play the theme pictures, but also play the beautiful pictures of the bride and groom, share some happy moments, so that the guests can feel the romantic and warm love atmosphere of the couple. Love letter is indispensable for wedding scene layout, which can well present the wedding theme and display a more lovely atmosphere. And uplight can better brighten the theme with the main theme color. The dry ice machine can spray dry ice during the dance, which can cover a wide range of venues, enhance the sense of participation of guests, and present a more romantic effect when dancing; The use of spark machine can bring surprising effects in some parts, such as the performance parts, or the dancing parts of the bride and groom, which can make the scene layout more advanced and romantic. These products can not only make the wedding scene design more advanced, but also increase the interest of events and visual effects.

Dj event:

If the wedding needs to create an elegant and romantic atmosphere, then the Dj event needs to present cool and personalized scenes. With Dj’s music, people can dance freely on the LED dance floor and feel the exciting and passionate atmosphere.

TP-877A is a popular product for dj event, which has very creative effect. The appearance of the panel has a very strong eye-catching effect. Many customers choose it because of its cool appearance with 3D infinity effect, which is more suitable for the layout of their event scenes. It has matte and mirror panels to choose from, which can make the visual effect more layered. Moreover, the 877A has starlit effect, Mix RGB effect, solid color effect, etc., which can change the effect with the music and promising a dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere of the event.

The scene setting of DJ event can also be matched with Co2 gun, beam light and LED screen. These products can make the activity atmosphere lively. LED screen can play clear and vivid video or flash, bringing audience high-definition visual enjoyment. Co2 gun can enhance the interaction with the audience, make the audience more active, ignite the atmosphere of the scene, and make the presentation of the program more exciting. Beam night can make the theme color of the scene change with the change of the program, and let the audience experience the diversity of the stage.


The LED dance floor is an indispensable party event equipment for party lovers. No dancing, no party. Are you tired of boring party scene, you can try LED dance floor to add fun to your party. Let your guests leave beautiful and unforgettable memories.

TP-B878 LED dance floor is popular with party enthusiasts because of its various fashionable special effects, unique built-in battery system and simple and easy installation method. The B878 adopts a magnet system, which avoids the complicated wiring process, and can achieve a quick installation in one second, and even complete the installation in eight minutes with only one person. In addition, it also contains a built-in battery, which has a recharging function. It can run for 8 hours after charging for 4 hours, dancing all night is not even a problem. It has multiple effects, including 30 kinds of starlit effects, 7 kinds of solid color effects, mix RGB effects and typing words effects. It can meet the needs of dance parties, birthday surprise parties, etc.

In order to increase the fun of the party, there are usually other products to increase the creativity of the party venue. 360 photo booth, which is also a must-select item for many trendy parties. It can take photos in 360 degrees, and can access digital cameras, SLRs, mobile phones, and tablet devices to meet the requirements of various users. Sparkle machine can increase the stimulation effect for the activity and make the activity atmosphere reach a climax. Moreover, uplight can be placed in specific places of the scene to make the theme of the party more bright. For example, Christmas, Thanksgiving festivals parties can choose bright but warm colors, and Halloween can choose mysterious colors.

TOP DANCE LED dance floor has excellent performance in global markets, including the United States, Chile, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, etc. Especially in the US market, TOP DANCE LED dance floor accounts for half of the US market. TOP DANCE Led dance floor has also been widely used in various occasions and activities by customers, and has cooperated with well-known enterprises such as Google, Twitter and many large MV companies. In the projects of these well-known enterprises, you can see the TOP DANCE Led dance floor are involved in.

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