What Should Be Considered in a Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

LED dance floor for events come in all shapes and sizes! You have tons of options to choose from, whether you’re throwing a small parties or a grand business events.

Whether it is an event rental company or an individual, everyone who chooses to buy an LED dance floor wants to achieve better results of the event, create better venue layout, and present better party or event experience for guests.

Therefore, what should be considered when selecting the LED dance floor? Or, what can we do to buy a more suitable and reliable LED dance floor? The following is the analysis summarized by TOP DANCE.


Because the LED dance floor is not only the display of the scene, but also needs to be used by guests to dance on it. Even some LED dance floors will be used at the auto show. Whether you buy or rent the LED dance floor, you should consider its safety. Among them, it includes whether there is protection design, bearing capacity, and product materials. The three points mentioned above are closely related to the safety performance of the product.

The first is protection design. Professional LED dance floor will have anti-slip edge design, and the edge will be around the whole set of LED dance floor to prevent people from getting too involved in the dance without paying attention to the edge and twisting or sliding.

The second is the bearing capacity. Good LED floor tiles have stronger bearing strength. Because they need to face different situations, the number of people and the weight of objects are unknown, so better floor tiles will take the bearing capacity into account and design with a stronger bearing capacity.

Finally, the quality of the product and the selection of materials are also very important. The material of the panel will directly affect its load-bearing capacity and anti-skid effect. If the panel is made of inferior glass, its load-bearing capacity is weak and easy to break, which is very dangerous for users. Therefore, when considering the purchase of LED dance floor, we should consider whether the product materials are reliable.


When purchasing the LED dance floor, we should also consider the price and the purchase budget. The cost of LED dance floor of different styles is very different, and its price will also be affected by the size, function and material. For example, the cost of the LED dance floor with wire type is different from that of the LED dance floor with magnet type. The price of the LED dance floor with high quality and long service life light source will also be different from that of the light source with relatively poor quality, and the size of 10x10ft and the price of 20x20ft are also different. Therefore, before purchasing, you can ask for the price, and then buy it according to your budget.


There are many different types of LED dance floor, including wire LED dance floor and wireless LED dance floor. The most popular type of wireless LED dance floor is the magnet type, as well as the magnet battery LED dance floor with the latest technology. The wire LED dance floor is more suitable for long-term or permanent installation, with more stable connection and relatively low cost. The magnet LED dance floor is more convenient to install and saves installation time. The Magnet battery LED dance floor is the most convenient. It can be used for 8 hours after charging for 4 hours. With built-in controller, it can truly be completely wireless and free from any site restrictions.


When it comes to the function of LED dance floor, we have to mention its effect and control mode. Different kinds of LED dance floor can present different effects. Take the products under the TOP DANCE brand as an example. TP-M878 has starlit effect, Mix RGB effect, pattern effect and typing effect, but some LED dance floors cannot show the effect of typing. On the other hand, the control mode is also one of the most important functions. During the event, the effect of the Led dance floor may need to change accordingly. At this time, a fast and convenient control mode is needed. Take TP-M878 for example again. This product has a more comprehensive control mode, including remote control, computer control, DMX control and tablet control.

Application Fields

LED dance floor is used more and more widely. It can be used in cutting-edge nightclubs, dance clubs, corporate activities, trade exhibitions (eye-catching), fashion shows, car shows, bars, stage platforms, drums and percussion platforms, exhibitions, weddings, parties, robot performances, car shows, dj events, various celebrations and residential decoration. If you want to know any solution about LED dance floor, or if your wonder whether your venue can use LED dance floor or not, please contact us freely!

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