What Type of the Dance Floor Is Popular in Event Rental Business?

Jan 18, 2023 | Industry News

LED dance floor has always been a popular product in the event leasing industry, which can enhance the atmosphere of the event and increase the interest of the event. Moreover, the LED dance floor can provide excellent visual effects for the event and is the focus of the layout of the event venue. Which LED dance floor is a popular product for event rental?

Now, we will introduce hot selling products for event rental business of TOP DANCE.


TP-M878 Tablet Control Magnet Wireless 8 x 8 Pixel Dance Floor

One-second quick installation:

the magnet system is adopted, and the complicated wiring between the panels is no longer needed, but directly connected through the magnet , which is more convenient, time-saving and labor-saving.

Advanced control mode:

It can be controlled by remote control, tabletcontrol, DMX control, and computer control, and various control modes are suitable for the control operation of various sites.

Multi-effect presentation:

the product has starlit effect, solid color effect, Mix RGB effect, pattern effect and typing effect, and is applicable to various activities, especially the popular products of weddings and parties.

Strong bearing capacity:

high-quality 10mm tempered glass is used as the panel, and the bearing capacity can be up to 500-600kg.


TP-877 Magnet Wireless 3D Led Dance Floor

Quick installation:

Like TP-M878, this product also uses a magnet system, which is connected by magnet , and it is easy to operate and realize one-second installation.

Convenient control mode:

TP-877 can be controlled by remote control, DMX control, and computer. It is a more convenient and fast control mode, which can easily change the effect, speed, and brightness.

Effect presentation:

The three-dimensional design of the 3D infinity effect is dazzling. Select high-quality light source to ensure color saturation and brightness. Starlit, solid color, mixed RGB effect, deeply loved by customers. More customers use it in interesting parties, with amazing appearance and rich effects to enhance the party atmosphere.

Good stability:

built-in 18 magnets make the signal current more stable.

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