Which Are the Most Popular Light up Disco Floors

Jul 28, 2023 | Industry News

1. Introduction of Light up Disco Floor

1.1 What Is Light up Disco Floor?

Light up disco floor, a kind of dance floor, equipped with LED lights which are embedded inside of the floor tiles, can present brilliant visual effects. These LED lights can be illuminated in the patterns, styles or colors that you want to lit the stage and immerse yourself into a colorful world.
In the 1970s, when discos and nightclubs were famed for their illuminated dance floors, the concept of a light up dance floor first emerged. As a result of technological advancements, contemporary light up dance floors now have energy-efficient LED lights that offer a number of customization options.
The lighting effects on the light up disco floor can be coordinated with the music being played in the venue. The interaction between sound and light creates a captivating and thrilling atmosphere, enhancing the dancers’ and partygoers’ overall audio-visual experience.

Furthermore, lit up floor are often designed to be modular, allowing them to be easily assembled and disassembled for different events and venues. They can be customized in terms of size, shape, and layout, catering to the specific needs and requirements of the event organizers.
Apart from the beauty of disco light up dance floors, the LED lights inside are energy-saving and can last for longer time, in this case, maintenance costs can be cut and its durability as well as reliability can be guaranteed, thereby the normal use can be ensured.
In total, the sparkly dance floor provides an captivating experience for spectators and makes the stage come alive by combining cutting-edge technology with glamorous lighting effects. Filled your world with wonderful colors, starlight dance floor will undoubtedly leave you a lasting and unforgettable impression and experience.

1.2 The Application of Light up Disco Floor

Light up disco floors are commonly used as a necessity to lit the vibe and arouse a lively atmosphere in which everyone would like to participate in. Light up disco floors including its typical types like star light dance floor, interactive dance floor, pixel floor etc. can be applied in different situations like bars, dance shows, and concerts.

Concert stages and performance venues frequently incorporate dancefloor to increase the visual impact to mesmerize the spectators. Splendid lights are used to create glorious visual effects , allowing them to deliver the lighting language to the spectators . Light up disco floors will make the stage shine brightly.

Furthermore, light up disco floors is extremely flexible. They are increasingly being utilized to create an vibrant ambience at different situations like business events, weddings, and private gatherings. Light up disco floors can be flexibly adapted to different venues based on your needs.

Obviously, lit up dance floor are widely applied in different fields, playing a pivotal role in keeping the events going. These floors, a vital element of entertainment , creating a vigorous atmosphere and catching spectator’s attention, can leave a long-lasting impression on everyone and enhancing visual appeals.

Top dance, the pioneer of light up disco floor industry, striving to offer the best quality and to lead light up disco floor to a brighter future. We have a passion for innovative and are committed to excellence, aiming to be creative and produce mesmerizing dance floors that elevates any event or nightclub . As the industry leader, we inspire others to follow our path towards a dazzling , dynamic and electrifying dance floor revolution.

dance floor effects

2. The Advantages of Top Dance Light up Disco Floor

2.1 The Special Lighting Effects of Top Dance Light up Disco Floor

The special lighting effects, being utilized in top dance light up disco floor, responsible for illuminating the scene and broadening the atmosphere appeal. In order to fully arouse the interest of everyone in the venue, special lighting effects are needed to playing its role.
As what it is known to us, LED lights are an indispensable part of light up disco floors due to its illumination function. LED lights can be of great help to save more electricity and to change the lighting patterns and colors that suit you the best, which brings convenience and beauty to your using.
In total, lighting effects are specially designed for well-functioning to make the events come alive, making it become one of the main advantages of top dance light up disco floor. Lighting effects matter the most when it comes to creating a colorful and mesmerizing atmosphere. Led lights perform well in dark environment, bringing out its high brightness.

2.2 Easier Installation, Better Use

To respond to the actual needs, easier installation is well-designed to enhance your using experience of light up disco floor. With handy design, your installation can be completed easily in a faster way, saving your time and improving your efficiency. Following our instructions carefully, you will quickly figure out the installation procedures.

Compared to traditional light up disco floor, top dance adopted sophisticated magnetic technology to simplify the installation process and reduce your precious time. Embedded with 18pcs magnets, strong magnet strength can be guaranteed to tighten up each floor tile together. The floor tile can be stronger attracted to each other with our magnets built-in design.

Your installation can be completed in 20 minutes, which is much faster than ever before. For temporary events, our magnet design light up disco floor will be your preferred choice with its distinct and competitive advantage of quick installation.

2.3 Specialized Overseas Warehouse for Faster Pickup Service

There are specialized overseas warehouses available that offer faster pickup services. These warehouses are designed to provide efficient storage and distribution solutions for businesses operating internationally. They are equipped with advanced logistics systems and technologies to ensure smooth operations and timely delivery.

To offer faster pickup, specialized overseas are built for providing timely pickup. Our warehouses are designed to achieve efficient storage and distribution to satisfy your needs. Equipped with the USA warehouse in Los Angles and Europe warehouse in Belgium, on-time delivery will be quickly promoted and logistics systems are complete to avoid customs clearance process and extortionate international freight.
Overall, specialized overseas warehouses which provide faster pickup service under the assistance of our efficient logistics team. With the existence of overseas warehouse, your waiting time will be greatly reduced and it is money-saving in the long run, which is also another main advantage of Top dance led disco floor.

3. Popular and Hot-Selling Top Dance Light up Floors

3.1 TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy LED Dance Floor

Taken advanced magnetic technology which makes it easier faster to install, TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy LED Dance Floor is one of the hot-selling products of Top Dance. DMX control and computer control, even remote control can be achieved to meet your demands. A variety of patterns, colors and effects can be switched via these control methods above.

With 3D mirror effects and matte texture, you can step on it freely without concerns of slippery dance floors make you fall down. Also, with its special lighting effects like mix RGB effects, solid colors and starlit effects, your stage will be lit up with blazing lights which make you feel the vibe. TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy LED Dance Floor, makes it different.

877A frosted and mirror dance floor

3.2 TP-877B Magnet Wireless Starlit Mirror Dance Floor

Different from TP-877A Magnet Wireless Matte Glossy LED Dance Floor, with lots of Led light beads inside, TP-877B Magnet Wireless Starlit Mirror Dance Floor can be able to emit brighter light to enhance the brightness. With its light-weighted design to reduce your burden, it is incredibly suitable for dance floor rental business and temporary events. Also, it utilized tempered glass to improve its bearing capacity, which makes it sturdy enough to resist heavy things like cars. Possessing these competitive traits above, TP-877B Magnet Wireless Starlit Mirror Dance Floor can be your wise choice that you cannot miss.

877B 3D star dance floor

3.3 TP-M878 Tablet Control Magnet Wireless 8*8 Pixel Dance Floor

TP-M878 Tablet Control Magnet Wireless 8*8 Pixel Dance Floor, the most hot-selling products of Top Dance light up disco floors, supports more control methods like remote control, DMX control, computer control and tablet control. With newly applicable tablet control, the lighting patterns, colors and styles can be switched through your fingertips.

Apart from mix RGB effects, solid colors, starlit effects, it also supports words typing, which makes it special compared to TP-877A and TP-877B. With more effects provided by TP-M878 Tablet Control Magnet Wireless 8*8 Pixel Dance Floor, it will be more in line with your expected result.

878 Pixel dance floor

4. Conclusion

Conclusively, a lot of efforts have been made by Top Dance for upgrading led dance floor so as to enhance the stage atmosphere and to strengthen spectators’ visual experience. Top Dance Floor always leads the trend of fashion. With good coordination of lighting effects and glaring floor designs, Top Dance floor can easily achieve the special effects that you want and reward you with a mesmerizing visual appeal and leave a lasting impression on you. Top Dance floor can create more possibilities to make the event colorful and meaningful!

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