Why Should We Choose the Magnetic Dance Floor?

Jan 18, 2023 | Product Guides

With the development of the market, the layout of various event scenes has higher and higher requirements for the LED dance floor. In addition to considering whether the style and presentation effect of the LED dance floor are consistent with the setting atmosphere of the event scene, the overall budget and product quality, the event planner or event rental company also needs to consider the installation method of the product. In particular, the event rental industry needs to face different rental venues. If the installation methods of the LED dance floor are too complex, or more people need to be invested in the installation work, it will greatly increase costs and lead to a reduction in profits. Therefore, when selecting an Led dance floor, the appropriate installation method is very important. The LED dance floor is divided into wire type, wireless type, and magnet type. Different LED dance floor styles are needed to cope with various use modes. Considering the ease of installation of various styles, more people prefer to choose a simpler installation mode. Compared with the three models mentioned above, the magnet model has more advantages in convenient installation. And the magnet LED dance floor is also the most popular LED dance floor in the current LED dance floor market.

Advantages of Magnet LED dance floor

Compared with the previous LED dance floor with wires, the magnet type LED dance floor has a simpler connection mode. In the past, the wired LED dance floor needed numerous of wire connections to transmit current and signal. Wires need to be connected between each floor tile, and they need to be hidden when splicing. Therefore, the installation of wire Led dance floor will take a lot of time, and more labor costs is needed to invest in the installation work. Magnet LED dance floor enables the connection through the magnet attraction between each panel, and the transmission of signal and current between panels can be completed without the connection of the wires. The magnet system can achieve one-second connection between each panel and complete a whole set of connections in only eight minutes. Even one person can complete the installation of the whole set of floor tiles, which saves more time and effort.
So how to install the LED dance floor with magnet?

The R&D department of TOP DANCE has created a more advanced magnet installation mode through technical improvement and update.It is an advanced and popular installation method in the LED dance floor industry. It is more convenient, easier and faster to install. It is equipped with an advanced magnet system, which can quickly and accurately install one floor tile in one second, and complete all the floor tiles installation in only eight minutes. It’s better for time and labor saving.

1.According to the drawing, take out the accessories you need.

2.Place the wiring edge

3.To connect the controller’s cables and turn it on.

●Connect the power of the controllers

●Connect the wiring edge and the controllers (The connection of the controller port should be installed from port 1 to port 4 from left to right)

4.Connect the power supply cables and turn it on

5.Connect the wiring edge and the power supply

6.Install the first row of the floor tiles

The direction of the arrow is opposite to the position of the wiring edge. “IN” is above, “OUT” is below.

7.Press No.7 button on the remote control to light up all led, and check if the former installation works. Then continue the installation.

8.Install the edges of the other three sides after all floor tiles are installed

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