Wood Dance Floor VS LED Dance Floor

Oct 7, 2023 | Industry News

The Trendy Dance Floor Types

Setting up dance floors for various events, such as corporate gatherings, weddings, exhibitions, concerts, and DJ parties, has become a popular choice in the industry. The market now offers a diverse range of dance floor types and styles to choose from. These options include traditional selections like vinyl and wood dance floors, as well as innovative lighted dance floor tiles, which have become customer favorites. These dance floors are better dance floor alternatives because of their ubiquitous, appearing at a wide range of events and even within indoor venues like nightclubs, bars, and banquet halls.

Why Setting a Set of Dance Floor for Event Is Important?

In response to this evolving trend and with the aim of boosting business revenue, event rental companies and event planners are actively seeking unique and distinctive equipment to enhance their event decor. A focal point for many of them is the selection of the right dance floor. They are keen to purchase dance floors that can be versatile enough to suit various venues and event types, and this is a primary concern for them.

If you are among those searching for high-quality dance floor products to elevate your event settings and outshine the competition in the event rental and planning industry, this article is designed to address your concerns comprehensively. Read on for valuable insights that can help you make an informed choice.

Wood Dance Floor VS LED Dance Floor

Wood Dance Floor

A wood dance floor is a classic and enduring choice crafted from solid hardwood. Renowned for its sturdiness and durability, it offers a level, smooth surface that’s not only practical but also visually appealing. This versatile illuminated floor mats suit a wide range of occasions.
Hardwood dance floor
Smooth Surface
Crafted from hardwood, the Wood Dance Floor offers a flawless surface for dancing and various events. Its smooth texture facilitates fluid movement while reducing the risk of falls or stumbles.

Wood Dance Floor Installation
It is relatively easy to install the wood dance floor. You can snap the dance floor tiles together with its the interlocking system. The whole installation is relatively quick and convenient.

Moveable and Portable
Support with various size for selection, the wood dance floors are compactable and easy to move. You can take it to anywhere you want and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Visual Effects
The visual appeal of a wood dance floor tends to be elegantly understated, often characterized by simplicity and uniformity. Typically, these floors feature a single color or texture, resulting in a subtle, yet timeless charm.

The wood dance floor is incredibly versatile, catering to a wide range of dance styles and venue types. Whether it’s a dance studio, ballroom, or event venues like receptions, parties, or dance performances, this floor is the ideal choice, ensuring a seamless experience across diverse settings. It is also one of the typical type of dance floors for weddings.

LED Dance Floor

The LED Dance Floor represents the cutting edge of the industry’s trends. With its capacity to deliver an array of captivating effects, the LED dance floor has become the preferred choice for diverse event venues, adding an extra layer of excitement and adaptability to any occasion.
LED Dance Floor
Sturdy and Durable Surface
The dance floor surface of LED dance floor is always the glass, which is transparent that can present the lighting effects and can better support the weight of the people stand, jump or dance on the dance floor.

Super Easy Installation
The world of LED dance floors has witnessed a remarkable transformation, with advancements in technology. The dominant trend in the industry now favors wireless LED dance floors, which have undergone substantial optimization in terms of assembly and disassembly. These innovative dance floors include options like splicing with an interlocking system, magnetic LED dance floors, and battery-powered magnetic dance floors, all of which have gained immense popularity and become the go-to choices in the industry.

Portable Options
LED dance floors are generally easily disassembled and assembled, making them portable for convenient use. They can be effortlessly stored and transported, meeting the needs for versatile use across different venues. Most of them are stored in flight cases with wheels, allowing for easy transportation between different venues, making it more convenient and efficient.

Breathtaking Visual Effects
LED dance floor, also known as color dance floor is born to present a variety of effects. Because it contains led floor light strip, it can achieve rich RGB colors, create dynamic visual effects, and provide an energetic visual experience. It can even switch between effects, alternating between starlight, text, patterns, color mixing, and more, achieving a more diverse and splendid visual appealing experience.

Wide Application Fields
Like wooden dance floors, LED dance floors can be used for various types of occasions and events. LED dance floors have become extremely popular on social media due to their dazzling effects, making all kinds of events stand out. LED dance floors with colors changing effects can be used in activities such as weddings, parties, DJ events, corporate functions, exhibitions, and more. They can also be utilized in venues like bars, nightclubs, or banquet halls to capture the attention of a larger amount of guests.

Wood Dance Floor LED Dance Floor
Visual Effects Monotonous Vibrant
Installation Method Easy and Quick Fast and Convenient
Portable or not Yes Yes
Maintenance Hard to Maintain Easy to Maintain
Application Field Events, Dance Studios, banquet halls etc. Events, night clubs, bars, banquet halls etc.

Interested in LED Dance Floor? Let’s Check What’s in TOP DANCE LED Dance Floor!

The Most Comprehensive Types of Using

As the foremost and most proficient dance floor manufacturer, TOP DANCE, with 11 years dance floor manufacturing experience, offers limitless possibilities with LED dance floors. From styles and effects to installation methods and control mechanisms, TOP DANCE guarantees every customer unmatched creativity and an exceptional dance floor experience. Our confidence stems from our advanced and refined technology.

For effortless wire-free installation, we introduce the battery-powered magnetic dance floor. To infuse vibrant and innovative visual appeal, we present options such as the 3D dance floor, starlit dance floor, pixel dance floor, interactive dance floor, and video dance floor, among others. Additionally, our classic and elegant acrylic dance floor adds a touch of timeless charm to any setting. With TOP DANCE, your dance floor dreams become a dazzling reality.

Super Easy Installation Method

At TOP DANCE, we’ve dedicated considerable effort to revolutionize LED dance floors, prioritizing easy and efficient installation. Our latest innovation is the groundbreaking battery magnetic dance floor, featuring magnetic attraction for seamless assembly and an integrated battery that provides an impressive 12 hours of power after just 4 hours of charging.

In addition, our other magnetic dance floors and the classic acrylic dance floor are also designed with wireless connectivity and durable dance floor material. This forward-thinking installation method not only saves valuable time but also minimizes labor requirements, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers. With TOP DANCE, setting up your dance floor has never been more convenient and efficient.

Exclusive Control System

TOP DANCE boasts an exclusive and cutting-edge control system that enables instantaneous effect transitions. This unique feature allows for seamless and rapid changes in the dance floor lighting presentation, delivering an astonishing and dynamic visual experience.

Easy to Maintain

What distinguishes TOP DANCE from other suppliers is our in-house technical team, dedicated to ensuring user-friendly dance floor design. From the mainboard layout to the magnet strip, glass panel, and even the led floor tile light strip, we prioritize ease of repair. In fact, we make it so accessible that after watching a brief instructional video, you can confidently perform repairs yourself. With TOP DANCE, you have the power to maintain and troubleshoot your dance floor effortlessly.

Reliable Quality Guarantee

TOP DANCE has established a dedicated testing area spanning 1000 square meters, solely for the purpose of rigorously assessing the quality of our dance floors. Additionally, we maintain a vigilant quality control team that meticulously inspects the products at every stage of the dance floor manufacturing process. This unwavering commitment ensures the impeccable performance and reliability of our dance floors.

Dedicated After-sales Support

For any inquiries about installation or other product-related maintenance concerns, rest assured that our proficient after-sales team is at your service. Comprising highly professional and extensively trained experts, our after-sales team operates around the clock, available 24/7. They are poised to address your concerns promptly and effectively, offering instant solutions once they receive your inquiries. With TOP DANCE, exceptional support is always just a message away.
after sales service
Furthermore, TOP DANCE extends a generous 3-year warranty to each of our LED dance floors, enhancing your purchasing experience with added reliability and peace of mind.

If you’re intrigued by TOP DANCE LED dance floors, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We invite you to get in touch with us at your convenience for a complimentary and expert consultation on all things related to LED dance floors.

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