LED Furniture

  • Stylish and Mordern Design
  • Rechargeable and Portable
  • Convenient Remote Control
  • Vibrant Colors and Great Brightness
LED furniture is a type of furniture with LED lights that can achieve lighting effects, creating various colored light effects. This includes LED cube furniture, spheres, tables, chairs, bar counters, and various other types of furniture. It adds a more sophisticated ambiance and visual allure to indoor spaces. With changing colors and brightness, it enhances the creativity and individuality of venue design.

Advantages of LED Furniture

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Variety of Style Choices

TOP DANCE offers an array of shapes and styles in LED furniture, including bar counters, cubes, spheres, tables, chairs, and various other forms. These diverse shapes of led light furniture provide captivating visual appeal and innovative decorative effects, adding unique charm to various occasions and events.

Extensive Range of Color Options

LED furniture lighting offers a wide spectrum of colors with RGB choices, catering to various scene atmospheres and themes. It serves not only as illumination but also enhances stunning visual effects with greater brilliance.

Easy to Clean

Very easy to clean, can be effortlessly cleaned with a simple wipe, saving time and effort.

Custom Service

Offering customization services, we can tailor logo printing according to customer requirements, catering to personalized needs and fostering greater creativity.

Safe to Use

Eco-friendly materials are used to craft the product, ensuring non-toxic and odorless qualities for a safer and environmentally conscious usage experience.

Features of LED Furniture

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Superior Material

TOP DANCE LED glow furniture is equipped with durable and dependable PE plastic that is both of high quality and environmentally friendly, ensuring safety in its use and allowing for long lifespan.

Waterproof Features

TOP DANCE led illuminated furniture boasts a waterproof feature that safeguards it from damage caused by spilled water or beverages, making it suitable for events like banquets, parties, bars, and nightclubs. The high-quality outer plastic provides enhanced protection for the internal furniture LED lights, ensuring safety, longevity, and durability during use.

Rechargeable Funtion

LED light up furniture features a charging function, enhancing user convenience. Its ultra-long battery life ensures sustained brightness for extended periods, keeping the entire scene and event illuminated with vibrant colors.

Portable and Light Weight Design

With an ultra-lightweight design, it is incredibly easily portable and easy to transport. When setting up an event venue, moving this product becomes effortless and efficient, saving time and effort in the arrangement process.

Amazing Effects and Great Brightness

Featuring an extensive RGB color gamut, it achieves vibrant color representation and a stylish visual effect. Utilizing high-quality LED lights ensures excellent visual brightness. It provides enhanced lighting effects, instantly illuminating the venue.

Convenient Control Method

LED furniture can be controlled through remote or manual operation, offering a variety of control effects. It’s convenient and quick to switch between colors and brightness levels.

Wide Application Field of LED Furniture

The application scenarios for LED furniture are incredibly diverse, encompassing disco, KTV, gardens, hotels, cafes, events, parties, outdoors, swimming pools, leisure clubs, bars, bedrooms, weddings, coffee shops etc.
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1. Can LED furniture be used outdoors?

Yes, LED furniture can be used outdoors. It not only serves as led bar table, led nightclub furniture, led club furniture but also serves as led event furniture and used in various outdoor events and settings.

2. Do LED furniture pieces come with warranties?

TOP DANCE offers the finest LED furniture for sale, and to ensure an enhanced purchasing experience, we also provide a 3-year warranty period.

3. How is LED furniture powered?

TOP DANCE LED furniture comes with built-in batteries that can be charged by plugging in.

4. What are the energy consumption and efficiency of LED furniture?

TOP DANCE LED furniture is energy saving, consuming less power compared to traditional lighting sources.